10' Koffler White Water Pram with trailer

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10' Koffler White Water Pram with trailer Pics added

Selling my white water Pram with Koffler trailer. Includes oarsman rope seat, front bench with swivel seat, brass oarlocks, center mount Quick Lock anchor system, pyramid anchor, mushroom anchor, Sawyer Dynelite oars, Gluvit bottom coating and Scotty fly rod holder. This is a very stable platform for flyfishing. Easy to lauch with one person. Located in Puyallup/Southhill area. Will be around this weekend if you want to tak a look. $2500 includes 2008 tabs.


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Those are very nice, but expensive boats. If I didn't have my current setup, I'd seriously look hard at Koffler's prams. A nice, stable pram with bow and stern anchoring systems is about the best investment a serious lake fisher can make.

I would also like to see the pictures.
Is that aluminum or glass? I may misremember, but thought that at one time they came both ways. I'm to be camp ghost at Merrill in July, so I'm looking for a pram. I would prefer something light enough to roof top on my pop-up camper, but that sounds like the right stuff.

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Smells like low tide.
That looks to be a great deal on an awesome package. You can tow that with a 4-banger.

Freedon, I don't think those Kofflers are the best for car-topping. A little heavy to load, and maybe too wide for some vehicle roofs. How wide is your pop up camper? Looks like a great mini drift boat, though.

I like my little 10' Don Hill mini-drifter, but the flat, rockered bottom that works so well on moving water really slaps the lake chop when you're heading into the wind. For me, the hull slap is really annoying. Rowing into heavy wind chop isn't fun, either. Other than that, its a great little lake boat. I was able to arrange my cooler and rubbermaid container fore and aft of my rowing seat to form a cot and take a nap while anchored.:D
Mine is too wide and heavy for me to load onto the roof of my Mazda p/u, and I have a trailer for it.
I have the 14', extra wide version, with 2 stowage seats and UHMW on the bottom. They call it a Rocky Mountain Trout Model. Extremely stable and well made. Absolutely bullet proof. For anyone not familiar with Koffler - they are a first rate outfit and make a first rate boat.
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