Fly Rod Holders on a PAC 9000


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I was hoping that I could get some advice regarding the setup on a PAC 9000. I have already purchased this pontoon but have yet to fish off of it as it is not set up properly with rod holders.

I've seen a few posts regarding the use of Scotty rod holders but I am wondering if someone can share some advice about how these would be best mounted (straps versus glue on) and where it would be best to mount them. Obviously I will need to do some oar work throughout the course of a drift but how does one best put the rod in a location so as to avoid damage? Does it make sense to extend off the back of the pontoon, front of the pontoon, any help (especially pictures) would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
I have a Bucks Bags pontoon. I like frame mount. For lakes it's convenient to have your rod on the frame in front of you pointing forward so you can troll and grab it quickly. For rivers I mount my rod holders on the frame behind me facing backwards out of the way of my oars because you want to point/row away from anything....this helps keep the rods from getting tangled in any trees or anything else.