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Foam and Ungulate. Lifted the segmented foam technique from Davie McPhail
and added deer hair upper to make tail/tapered mayfly body. Generic here; change color/size to suit your needs.

hook - Dai Riki 135 #10
thread - UTC 70 tan
body - 2mm foam tan
tail/upper body - deer hair
wing post - Congo Hair white
hackle - barred cream
thorax - dubbing tan

melt/pinch a tapered foam strip (first try here; still need to play around with the taper to get proper shape)

poke needle into the end of the foam

start thread; capture foam to create first segment

clean, stack, tie in some deer hair at first segment

pull deer hair and foam away from needle (lost the pics from the first segments; sorry)

take a few wraps on the needle between foam/deer hair to establish next segment; pull them down on needle and wrap

continue up the needle; whip finish and brush a little Sally on the deer/thread wraps

slide body off the needle, poke a hole in the foam at the last segment and tie it on the hook

mount hook, wrap thread back to hook point

take a couple wraps to secure the body, brush a little Super glue on the foam tag, then wrap foam/deer; trim ends

tie in hank of CH; post it

tie in hackle, shiny side out

dub thread, dub thorax

wrap hackle down the post, cup side up

tie off hackle at base of post; take one thread wrap through thorax, half hitch x 2 at eye, SHHAN

trim post, fly done