Shortening the butt section


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I want to cut 1" off of the butt section of a rod.

With what tools should I do it, and anything else I should consider as far as replacing the entire butt section?

Ive never dabbled in rod building, but I should be able to do this I think.

Its a graphite switch rod.

thanks in advance for any insight


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If you are serious, you might want to:

post a picture of the rod

Explain why one inch shorter is so important


indicate if you are willing to just shorten the lower grip, at the same time you shorten the existing butt section, or if you are looking to build an entire new butt section that is one inch shorter.

Are you trying to just shorten the lower grip do to the fact that it does not fit your hand? If I was to shorten a blank (that will change the action of the rod) a fine tooth saw or dremel tool with a cutting disk would work just fine. Also something to think about, cutting the blank/grip will void any warranty you might have


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I only voids the warranty on the butt section. So if the butt were to break it would roughly cost 2.5 x as much to get repaired. I called to make sure. I am more of a tip, and second section breaker myself so should be good there.

Thanks for the replies, holding off doing it for now anyway...
because I like committing blasphemous acts
That's funny stuff

Cut it
I have shorten a few rods to slow down the action. What rod/blank do you have? Just curious only because I have yet to find a manufacture that will warranty sections of a modified rod. I'm not being a smart ass just that I only have delt with a few manufactures that won't

Mike Ediger

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Just about every rod I build from a blank, that I intend to put a fighting butt on, I cut down an inch to an inch and a half. That way I still have a four piece rod that has four equal sections and it fits in my rod tube no problem. Maybe I'm just OCD but I don't like one section being an inch to an inch and a half longer. And anybody who can tell the difference in the action of a rod with 1 inch cut off the butt section is a much more kinesthetically-sensitive an intuitive angler than me.