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Is that the hand of a man or a woman? I've never needed a "holder" to eat a banana and I've never fished with one. I don't think fish care what you had for breakfast.
What's the deal with no bananas allowed on fishing boats?

Who came up with that one? I've heard some fishing guides are positive that bananas will keep you from catching fish.

Is there some merit to this weird-o opinion? Can fish actually sense the presence of a banana and scatter to the netherworlds to avoid the fruit?

Perhaps a purely non-scientific test is in order...
Well $hit, I eat a banana every morning on the way to the beach!


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The first time I went to Alaska I was on a trip with my Dad. It was an awesome week, some gear fishing for salmon and also my first time fly fishing.

I showed up at the boat launch to meet our guide for the day on the second morning, and I think someone had tipped him off about what I had packed for lunch. He asked if anyone had bananas. Not knowing anything about the superstition (or much of anything else), I told him I did. He told me to get rid of it before getting in his boat. I asked if I could eat it, and he said yes, but don't bring it in the boat.

We caught a lot of fish that day and that week. It's one of the best memories that I have of spending time with my Dad.

I have questioned a lot of things people have told me in my life but I have never brought a banana with me on a fishing trip in the 14 years since then.


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What's the deal with no bananas allowed on fishing boats?
I never heard of that one, but when I guided most of us would not allow people to use the word "Wind". We told people they could refer to it as "Rapid Air Movement" or the "W" word. We told people if they used the word it would always mean we were in for some 30+ mph headwind on the Missouri River and they'd have to double haul like Lefty to have a prayer of catching a fish.

It was meant as a joke, but some people took it seriously.