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I've updated the closeout department on Hill's Discount Flies with a ton of patterns. I'll be sending out a newsletter to my customers Monday night announcing the sale items.
Feel free to get a head start by checking out the closeout page.

Hill's Discount Flies Closeout Page

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I've tried to buy flies from you guys but you don't have a way to input apo/ae addresses for my billing address for my card. Any chance you can fix that?


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It's been a long time since I ordered from Hills. I try to tie all of my own flies and have for some time. However, it's more difficult now being one of two primary entertainment sources for a 5 year old (my wife being the other). Was happy to stumble upon this post and see the great closeout deals. Ordered a few dozen for an upcoming trip. I feel guilty for not cranking them out on the vice myself, but past dealings with Hills' has demonstrated great customer service, and a great quality product.

Many years ago I was making one of my first trips to the Beaverhead and, I'm digging back into my memory here, Brandon had a buddy who worked at the Safeway in Dillon who he recommended as a resource for area tips.

Check 'em out and support a site sponsor.

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