I just read this... How could mining be an impact to fisheries?


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Still no charges from our useless DFO. If a private citizen cuts down a tree along salmon bearing waters, they are charged . And rather quickly too, a spill of this magnitude and DFO is as quiet as a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. One reason is this company gives great quantities of cash to certain re-election campaigns.:mad:
The article in Fisherman's News is dated September 1, 2014, making it the freshest news I've ever read. Too bad they don't have a link to a financial markets page.:rolleyes:


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The materials used to create the computer you posted this thread with, the hardware you fish with and car you drive to/from fishing are in the ground... pretty hard to eat an egg with cracking the shell. Mining by its nature is never going to be pretty, but it's impacts can be minimized. Thankfully we have reigned in quite a bit on the practices of the early 20th century...still more to do, but much better IMO.

The Bristol Bay/Pebble Mine proposal is nuts... simply way too much risk.


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Have they actually done any kind of punishments at all? If we catch/keep the wrong fish we would be fined big time! If we fish with a barbed fly we could get fined or gear taken away. If we fish in the wrong spot we would be busted.

These folks flood a valley and possibly kill thousands of salmon and nothing?