Couple Days in Glacier NP


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Wife and I headed over to the East side for a few days.

Got the rig squared away

then off to the trails

serious undercut bank

we're headed for that notch in the upper left

2 hrs and 5 miles later we're up there looking back from whence we came

the other side of the pass, looking north


turnaround and heading back

fauna (saw 1 goat high up on scree slope, but the zoom on this P&S is lacking)

day 2, off to the Berg

Mt Wilbur (Iceberg's in a cirque at the base of the north slope) at daybreak

and a few hours later

working our way up to the lake; the Highline Trail's on the other side of this arette (we'll be hiking that next week)

grizz appetizer

almost there (spotted a moose downslope to the left)

bighorns up on the tallus slopes (again out of zoom range)

Iceberg Lake; aptly named

asked a ranger about the zig-zag path on the snow - he said it was probably from a wolverine; another hiker had spotted some on snowfields on another nearby trail a few days before

we had seen a grizz here in the berry patches on the way up, but only for a sec and too far for photos

not this time

last day; sunrise at Many Glacier

only 1 mile

but all uphill

worth it

I was up on those trails years ago. 25 years ago! Knees won't be doing that again. Thanks for the pics. Brought it all back to me. One of the most amazing places I ever hiked.


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I have spent hours watching grizzlies flipping over rocks on slopes and eating the cutworm moth larvae hiding from the light. A bear biologist told me they estimate each larvae equals one calorie and the bears consume 30,000 - 40,000 per day.

I like it when grizzlies have full bellies because they don't both my coolers or race the guides and hunters to the gut piles.

The loss of white pines to mountain pine beetles has created a food shortage (pine nuts) for the grizzlies in fall in some areas, so these moths become more and more vital to their survival.



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There is an area in the mission range that the tribe has completely closed off during the time that the griz are actively feeding on the larvae.

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Great looking trailer. Great pics. When we were there 2 years ago there was an unfortunate encounter up Siyea a day or so into the back country. It was one of the trails we pegged for a family hike the next time out. We did take the short, but brisk hike into Apikuni Falls, the girls loved it but were glad to be back in the AC rig on the drive away. It was pretty hot when we were there.

I can't wait to take them back.


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One morning I was sitting on the deck of the Many Glacier lodge drinking a cup of coffee. I could see some goats on the rocks across the lake, so I went to my truck and got my spotting scope. There were a few goats and then I spotted a few grizzlies working over the talus for moth larvae. Soon I had people standing in line to look through my spotting scope.

This is the Many Glacier lodge from the front side. The slope I was watching is on the other side of the valley on the right side of the frame.


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What a great photo essay! Good choice on the trailer too. While not as good as your or Trapper's photos, heres a few from this past July 4th (a couple from the air):

A magical place

Wish I'd have had the chance to get here while younger

If you've never been here before, you owe it to yourself to go sooner than later


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I rarely go to Yellowstone NP. It's like a theme park with people driving around taking pictures out their car windows and creating traffic jams. While that happens every once in a while in GNP, it's not as much the norm. Plus, you can get off the Going to the Sun road to places like this:

And if you want to do the touristy thing you can always do the Jammer tour.


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Yellowstone was awesome when there was no concrete & Old Faithful was just that. One of my Aunts spent her formative years working in the park back when the staff lived in wall tents. She had some great stories!