What is true flyfishing and what is not?

Hey ya guys who is throwing full sinking line is it flyfishing?
Or was it invented especially for those "flyfishing-only" lakes?
What kinda stupid limitation... using fly tied on long leader under bobber NOT kill more fish than flyfishers do. Using fly and bubble on spinning tackle NOt kill more fish. So WHY such limitation exists? Sure it was spomsored by those who interested to sale more fly-fihing outfits... which is much more expensive than spinning. I think true flyfishing is only use floating or sinktip line.. other no more than attempts to adapt non-flysishing technics to flyfishing definition. It's not honest by my opinion
Hi Ian,
I bet this subject has been gone over a lot. True fly fishing just like any other fishing is your personal choice. We can say only dry flys are true fly fishing, we can say that only natural materials ie; feathers and fur is the only true way, we can pinpoint it as fine as you want to get to the point that you think is proper. Look inside yourself and if you are happy, stay there, its a hard place to get for some.
Many years ago, there were not many fly only places in the state, and it was proposed that with the advent of the new sinking lines that trolling with those lines be banned. A very old and prestigeous fly fishing club, whose members were Authors, editors, etc, (snoots) screamed at that thought. They pointed out that it wasnt trolling, they preferred to call it
"mooching a fly". It never came to be.
Fly fishing has reached huge proportions across the nation, better tackle at affordable prices, good instruction, and LOTS MORE "FLY FISH ONLY WATER". Thats the big one Ian, if people who cant cast well, and those full sink lines dont cast for crap, had to go out and fish the fly only lakes with Floating or sink tip only, most would never stick with the sport. Lets remove all those "MOOCHERS", and see how many Fly Fishing only waters we would have left.
Oh, by the way, lets refer to the bobber, as a Strike indicator, or if that is too tough, Let us call it "LE BOBBAIR".
Good luck