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Hey guys. I really haven't had time to post on the forum but like to read it daily. Lots of good people here.

My brother is retiring from the DOT next month and has really gotten the fly fishing bug again. I am an experienced rod builder and would like to build him a fly rod to remember. In the past I have always used Sage for my high end rods and St. Croix Imperial blank for my low end rods but the ol budget isn't sure it can accomadate a Sage VPS blank at the moment. I hear lots of good things about Rainshadow and Talon blanks but what can you guys tell me about them? Are they a lower cost but high performing blank? Are there any other names I should check out? Does anybody make a blank that performs close to a Sage or Loomis etc. for under $150?

Thanks for the help!



The dumb kid
if you want a lighter rod you can get a 3 wt vps from gregs for about 160. i just finshed one and love it. the rainshadow rods perform well in certain places. you can get a GL2 for lil over a hundred. you seem to like the sage rods, and the vps blanks are not too overpriced i think, going by the preformace that i have seen from mine. rainshadow rods of similar modulus seem to be a little slower to me. just an opinion. as has been said many times here, just hop into gregs custom rods, anything you could ever want to know about blanks/rods/building is there.

Thanks for the feedback Tom. Problem is, I am on the dry side of the state in the Spokane area and won't be over near the store you mention any time soon.

I appreciate the feedback though. I really do like the VPS blank. (Actually I like the RPL and they tell me the VPS is the same blank with a face lift.) and most likely will just bite the bullet and buy one but I wanted to get some feedback from anglers who have used the Rainshadow and Talon's but normally fish a Sage, Loomis.



The dumb kid
im sort of the opposite, i fished rainshadow, and bit the bullet into sage. i wont be headin back anytime soon either, i love tossing that sage around=) the VPS is not labled as a very fast blank, but holy shizzle. get er loaded and off it goes. hehe. if you cant find a cheap VPS blank, you can order them from gregs at



Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
I know nothing about Talon, but I don't fund Sage's advertising budget, as Rainshadow is a fine, fine blank leaving nothing to be desired from more well known brands.

Another blank to look for is the Tiger Eye, which recieves rave reviews from custom rod builders.