Trout Unlimited Kennebec Pontoon Float Tube

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Superb pontoon, front-entry float tube that has only been used one time for a total of 1 hour! My wife developed a leg condition that, unfortunately, now precludes her from using this type of tube. Purchased new for $169.95 this craft will provide unmatched performance, stability, and comfort during long hours on the water. Asking $125. Please also feel free to reply to
[email protected]

Sharp looking and exceptionally safe, Its inherent construction not only ensures that you will stay dryer and warmer, but you will have far greater maneuverability than that offered by standard tubes. Most importantly, it is light enough to pack into a number of settings that simply would not be an option with many of the other tubes on the market. Yellow/black with orange safety panels on front of the pontoons and on seat back.

Special Features
Incredible amount of space for all of your gear:
• Large back storage pocket
• Expansive exterior mesh storage pocket
• Two dual compartment armrest pockets with additional small item mesh wet pockets and flat zip pockets
• Two reel pockets
• Two sloped gear pockets with flat mesh pockets

• Mesh stripping apron with fish rule
• Three horizontal rod holders – for those how like to bring more than one rod on the water this is much welcome.
• Fly patch
• Carrying handles
• D-rings for accessories
• Repair Kit
• Measures 54" Long x 48 1/2" Wide; Seat measures 16" Deep x 20 1/2"

Comfort Features
• Anti-slip top seat
• Lightweight and easy to inflate bladder tubes
• Extra tall seat back with foam inserts that provide superb back support
• Adjustable seat back angle
• Moldable seat that fits your body and provides excellent comfort.
• Raised seat keep more of your body out of the water providing great vision, ease of casting, and overall enjoyment.

Safety Features
• Quick-release stabilizer bar
• Three back orange safety panels
• Safety flag holder and tow loop

Construction Features
• 420 denier nylon coated fabric
• Reinforce outlet for bladder nozzles
• Bladder zippers have internal flap to prevent snagging
• Integrated webbing, pocket and main seams
• Triple stitching on main seams encasing the floatation bladders
• Reinforced seat specially designed to distribute stress
• Strong, rot-resistant thread

This float tube will undoubtedly provide you with many years of incomparable service in all conditions. A search of pertinent information will give you a feel for just how well-received this tube had been amongst fisherman. I wish you good bidding and look forward to providing the winner with many days of happy time on the water.


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