Swap Intermediate/Beginners Anti-Cabin Fever Marathon Fly Swap


Nice job on the Photos and great job as always meistering the swap. Hope your back is feeling better :thumb:

Everyone else, thanks for all the great bugs!

LT :cool:


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Got mine in the mail yesterday! Nice ties everyone...just relinquish your 'secret' holes where I need to get them wet! :thumb:

Mine arrived today, maybe the best group yet :) I thought about doing a Mickey Finn, too. Some time we could all tie the same pattern and see how our interpretations compare -- no, Ron, not another marathon just yet ;)

These are great flies what a diverse group of streamers. I am with Bob these may be my fav's so far. Now on to the terrestrials. That will be fun I am already working on my hopper variation. Jiminy Cricket, well maybe not. :rofl:
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Our buddy Theron sent me an e-mail a couple of days ago that he received an empty envelope from the streamer swap. I have enough extras of all flies, except Dan's woolly sculpin, to make an extra set to replace what was lost in the mail.

Did anyone else have a problem getting their flies?

My arrived in good shape and look great. I'd be willing to share some of my flies with Theron if needed. let me know if you need something. Hope the back has gotten better.
For some reason, my post yesterday didn't make it. I have everything except Dan Soltau's wooly sculpin ready to go. I'll be dropping it in the mail this morning.

The back is much better. I'm not in shape to handle the oars on a drift boat yet, but at least I can fish.

E-mail will be out shortly.



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Hey Gang, you're the best. I was really bummed about losing the flies in the mail. Thanks for all your hard work, and to REE for being such a great swapmaster.
I mailed my terrestrials in the mail yesterday. This has been a fun swap with lots of interesting patterns many of which have made it into my regular use pattern boxes.