This Saturday and the Wild Steelhead Moratorium

This Saturday from 10-2. You've been warned plenty in advance, this is just a reminder, and a guilt trip. It looks like most of the people I've talked to aren't coming, and that's rather sad.

If you don't show up to the meeting, I don't want to hear any complaining from you about Forks or why we have no wild steelhead left for your children in ten years.

If you do show up, you can complain all you want.
I can't make it to the meeting, but I have written a letter and an e-mail. I got a response back on the e-mail that it had been forwarded to each member of the commision. Can I complain???
Yes, you committed and you did something. It will always be known that you did not advocate killing every last fish. You wanted killing stopped and stopped now.

But if you could have made the meeting, even if it involved some sacrifice, then you fall into another group. This group will bear the burden of what happens.

I won't be put in that group.

Bob, the Committed to see this thing through. :ray1:


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Roll Call!

Ok, who's going to be there? I will be and I know of precious few others who have committed to making their voice heard. This is your last chance to support the moratorium. After this, NOTHING else will be considered in the decision making process that will decide whether or not the moratorium stays in place.
As you know Alpinetrout I plan to be there and plan to speak even though I have always been nervous if not down right scared of talking in front of large groups. In this case though, I plan to try to get through it.

I hope to see lots of old and new friends from this site there. If you are not willing to get up and speak, at least show up to show strength in numbers.
If it's like the PT meeting, you won't actually be speaking to the group. You will have your back to the audience. You will be at a llittle podium speaking to the comission which will be arranged in a semi-circle with the chairman in the middle. Speak to him and ignore everything else. You won't even have to speak up as they will have a microphone. Piece of cake really.

I really admire your effort. These fish have only guys like you to help them.
Try to remember that and the rest will be easy.

Bob, the Three minutes goes by awfully fast. :cool:
Ladies and Gentlemen: I think that there are some ladies on the forum. I will not be able to attend the moratorium meeting this weekend as I had originally planned on. I will be attending a wedding in Salt Lake City. If it was up to me I would be there to voice my opinion. I did send a letter the other day and got a response letter from the commission. I know this sounds hypocritical, but I would like to strongly urge anyone who is not working and does not have a family obligation to attend. If you truly feel strongly about this issue you should be there. I think that you should all know that the people from Forks will be there and will be voicing there feelings towards the wild steelhead moratorium. We know what that will be and there is strength in numbers. Just my thoughts! Have a good weekend. Thanks, Nick
I will be there. Remember that the Commission is asking for 11 hard copies of your oral comments. That smacks of the old literacy tests that were used to keep African Americans from voting, but if you want your voice heard, you apparently have to play by their rules.

It doesn't hurt, though, to get your comments down in writing, and even to rehearse and time them. Make the most of your three minutes. Like BOB pointed out, if you go up there and try to do it off the cuff, that time will be over before you know it, they'll be giving you the hook, and you won't have said anything near what you wanted to.

Look for me. I'll be the one with the disgusted look on his face.


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I will also be there and plan on testifying even though I have butterflies thinking of it. I'm giving up a trip to the Lochsa to be there and it would have been my only trip this summer. But, I feel it's the least I can do for these magnificent fish ...



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I sent an email and a written letter in support of the moratorium.

I cannot make it to the meeting because I am working in Anchorage at the present time and will not return until the 1st of Sept.
It kills me that I won't be able to be there, but I have commitments that I have tried and tried to rearrange, and there's just no getting around them, I gotta honor them.

I did send in my letter and e-mail, so I feel as though my voice was heard, but it would be an honor to take my three minutes, and share the podium with the fine folks who will stand for the fish.

Sincere thanks to all of you who are able and willing to be there in person.


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I plan to be there. But I'm not sure the moratorium is a good precedent to set for fish mgmt or rec fishers. I'm on the fence. I'm all for the fish. I'm not stoked on the divisive nature of this debate. The public face of Forks has motivated me, but I've known of those local feelings long before this issue brought them to y'alls attention. A fine test of our WDFW mgmt officials, for sure.