Best way to repair the tip guide on my 8wt.?

The guide on the tip of my 8wt. split and I'm not sure how to best repair. Tip repair kits don't seem to be the right fit and I don't know much about repairing or making rods. Anyone have suggestions or a reasonable repair guy in Seattle? :eek:

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I would just go to any fly shop and they should have a tip for your rod and some time they will even put it on for you. Or just get that stick stuff(ferrel cement) and do it yourself.

Take some off the top, please

If you're talking about the tip-top or top loop, start by removing it. If it's the tube that split, it may be ready to come off by finger pressure. If not, heat it over a candle or match flame (don't cook the rod material); that will loosen most cements. Then clean any glue residue off with sandpaper or steel wool. Now you can take your rod tip into a store and fit a new tip from their supply. If you need to order one, and if you have a micrometer, measure the tip and do the math to convert it to X/64". The majority of fly rods take either a 4.5/ or a 5/64" tip. You can use various glues to attach it. I've used epoxy, crazy glue, and other types. Here's a tip: fill most of the tip-top tube with glue, using a bodkin or toothpick. Then just push it on, wipe off any excess that squeezes out, hang or prop the rod horizontally, being sure the tip-top aligns with the guides, and let it dry.