Purdy Report


Native Trout Hunter
After returning from a vacation in California, which had little to give in the way of fishing (a few minutes on Merced River in Yosemite very low water, with a couple of hits but none caught although I only had about a 1/2 hour to fish), I fished the evening tide change at Purdy this weekend. I fished on both Saturday and Sunday from my pontoon with some good sucess on Saturday, but not much on Sunday. Just before dark on Saturday I ran into some SRC the first one that I got was about 14" and was actually my first SRC from the salt, he fought unbelieveably hard, and really made me work to get him to the net :D. I had a number of strikes after that and caught one more smaller but very feisty SCR. Sunday was very slow, I caught lots of juvenille salmon (all quickly released) and I had a coho that looked to be around 10 pounds for my fly up to the pontoon (pink and white size 8 clouser). There were a lot more salmon jumping on Sunday, but no SRC to be found anywhere :confused:.