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I am still astounded every time that I come to read the forum. Someone always gives a report surrounding such areas as Rockyford creek, the so-called "blue ribbon" waters of the Yak. Folks I hate to tell you the yak is a river that yes does support a high populous per mile, but the average being 6- 12 inches!!! and an even higher count on the amount of cooperate part-time parishioners, that clog the water waterways throwing PMD's to fingerlings. Must i need to repeat the obvious reasons fishing Rockyford is a sad and sorry resort. It's kind of like paying to fish a stocked lake for that big over fed bag of pellets. And before you give your annoyed reply, defending the yak and so on. I spent about 200 days a year fishing, and given I like to see people catch fish. My advice is take the your 5wt of the bunny slopes go visit the rouge or drive north to Omack and for the love of god don't bring you indicator and san Juan worm. SO tight lines and may your fly match the hatch.
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Hey GUIDE, chill! We all find our thrills where we find them. I quit rock climbing partially because of the huge egos and "on-upmanship" that occurs in the sport. You do your thing, let other do theirs. WE ALL DECIDE WHAT'S ENJOYABLE TO US! LET IT BE.......... :beathead:


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Wow, what an introductory post... :rolleyes:
Just because you don't like fishing certain areas doesn't give you reason to start an arguement on the forum, because I guarantee there are a lot of people here that love to fish the Yak, including myself. There are also a lot of people that like RF. I won't get into how off your comments are, but just keep those negitive thoughts to yourself from now on. Welcome to the forum.
NO ego here dude, just a some sound advice. As i said before i like to see poeple catch fish. As with anyone in the forum who has met me they would probably agree. By the way i might make the effort to go to the party again this year, be sure to invite the mad reps from korkers "they rock"

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What advice are you looking for? How to catch bigger fish on the Yakima? Plenty of people here to help you, just need a more specific question.

Good luck.
your writing skills suck worse than your attitude. due as much in part to biology as fishing pressure, the yakima is about as prolific a stream as washington has. yes, if there was a more productive stream available then i would fish that, but in reality, there isn't for the most part. the only way would be to manage it extensively, like they do at the rocky ford. the management of strams is all on a scale. we are essentially "paying to fish" as you say(and then something about feed pellets?) in all of our streams. the yak is better managed than most and thus produces some of our best fishing. the rocky ford is managed to the hilt and thus even more productive although to the point of being unrealistic. but what you neglect is that the rogue is also on that scale, so when you fish there, you are paying for that quality of fishing as well. it just might be that factors make for a better fishery that seems more natural and thus more rewarding but in reality we paid for their pellets too. -ryan


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Gods gift to WFF...

Praise be...we're all saved now, Moses has come down off the mountain and is spreading the word.

Thank God, now I don't have to waste another minute fishing some poor shithole of a river such as the Yak. I suppose the Okanogan in Omak, (there's no C in the name) is your holy water. Gaaack! You fishing for smallies?

Now that you've told us what is shit, do tell us what is golden, and not just your recycled beer... :beer1:

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Are you Steelies cousin???

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So I'm assuming since you fish 200 days a year you don't have a family? If so, that would leave 165 days that you would actually spend (quality) time. Well I love to fish but I also cherish the time I get to spend with them as well. I guess it comes down to priorities :confused:

As far as the Yakima goes it's not just about the fish, have you ever taken the time during your float to appreciate the beauty? This is a wonderful resource an hour and a half outside Seattle. I guess if you want to brag about your fishing prowess that's fine but for many of us it doesn't matter if we catch a beautiful 12" trout or a 10 pound steelhead. It's all about the experience.


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Webee Civilized

Calm down, everyone! Everyone, calm down! Everything isn't as bad as it seems, so let's not edge towards flaming. If anyone has ever checked out the newsgroup, Rec.Outdoors.Fishing.Fly, you surely know what the dark-side looks like. Let's not go there. Chris has worked hard to maintain a congenial environment for us to toss the BS around in. Let's do our best to keep things civilized.

BTW, I'm off for the Yak tomorrow morning. :p
Hey guide, you should check out the pictures diehard posted on the report about the upper Yak. Can't really complain about that. Oh, and if you do know some good areas to fish around Omak, could you pass them on? I'm up that way camping/fishing every once in a while and I'd like to know some good creeks or rivers to try. Matt :thumb:
haha guideGT's awesomeness is only exceeded by his drunken poetry. he does have a point that people do post often on the "hotspots" of WA of but... if you look they are usually just starting off on the board. So ya have to cut'm a little slack.


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No sweat

Jeez, I hope everyone knows I'm just shooting the breeze...all in good fun, etc.

My goodness, like we all care about some trolling post....come on... :rolleyes:

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Leave it to the Irish guy to announce his return with a molotov cocktail. :p

Yes, Korkers will be there in force. Others as well to include available demo gear from Thomas & Thomas, Water Master, various lines and others in the works.

Gareth, you're expected at the Nov gig. When the event turns from clave to party, the party will need a drunk Irishmen telling stories. I don't remember understanding more than half of what you were saying, but do remember I couldn't stop laughing. Then I got sick. I'm pretty sure it was the beer and not your story. :hmmm: