Dry Falls Report for 10/16/04 - Long drawn out report

I fished Dry Falls on Saturday with a friend. We drove over from Seattle and got in about 10ish. It appeared from the husks in the water that at least a few Chironomids had been hatching early. The wind started to pick up right as we got in, but never got too bad. We fished the big rock wall around to the point on the South West side just before the west bay below the visitors’ center up on the rim. We made a few cast back in Chironomids corner (our name for it) but didn’t have any luck.

For the first time in - - -well a very long time - - - I had a better day than my buddy. He paid me back later in the day. Of course, it had been nearly three months since we had been trout fishing so that wasn’t hard to have a better day than not fishing at all. (I had gotten to go fishing a few times between July 4 and October 16, but not for Salomon or trout on the fly.)

So, I picked up my first 20 inch fish, a nice bright rainbow, near the reeds in the middle of the rock wall on the northeast side. I was using an attractor fly with a small chartreuse marabou tail, black body, chartreuse ribbing, and the head of a Doc Spratley. My friend tied it up in Canada over the 4th as a combination of three flies that were working. Didn’t work at all in Canada, but it was the only fly that produce for me other than an Adams on Saturday.

Got my second 20 inch fish about 30 minutes later about 100 feet west along the wall. I worked the wall very slowly with a 10 foot leader on a floating line. I let the fly sink for a count of 5 to 10 and then used a sloooow 18 inch strip to retrieve the fly.

I got two 11 inch fish moving down the wall along the west side and hit another nice fish that I LDRed at the transition of the wall to the reeds. Got another dink, then I missed/lost immediately three nice fish along the weeds before the take out (spot to pee) on the west side. One was a really nice looking brown.

Between 2 and 4 nothing. Used a variety of flies against the bank or trolled. I did not go deep, but my buddy put on a type 5 sinking line and dredged up some weeds, but nothing more. He picked up a 14 inch fish trolling a circus freak (White bunny leach with a twist of color and with a red nose).

After a couple of hours of nothing, we went back to the wall. I picked up a 22 inch RB about 30 feet off the bank. I cast the "no name special fly" to a little tiny bubble rise that I thought would be a teeny tiny fish. I was not really paying attention. I cast out and stripped a couple of feet and nothing. I stopped, adjusted myself to turn and paddle over to the wall, and tap tap. Set. Fish on. Nice fish on! Spinning, spinning, down, down, down, spinning, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz –------ zzzzzz—zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ----- -- still on, down down, up - net. Yes.

I picked up a 19 inch fish on the no name special and then a 12 inch fish. My last fish of the day was a 20 inch beauty on a size 16 parachute Adams. I earned this one.

As we were winding up the day at about 5ish we noted a pod of about 6 or 8 fish cruising the corner where the rock wall runs into the cliff on the west side of the peninsula that splits the northern rock wall. A number of them were slurping the occasional midg and/or the two or three mayflies that had appeared. My buddy picked up a 21 inch fish out of this pod on a big black and burgundy leach. He missed another. Damn, nothing for me. So, I decided to switch flies and see if I could pick one up on a dry. I pulled out the fly box dug through it and picked out the Adams. As I was tying it on, WHAM - - big big bunny leach across the face and embedded in the nail of my left hand pointer finger. *&^*&$%^&$^%#.!!!!!

“You broke my fly off.”

He did not just say that did he???? “Don’t worry, I still have the fly” I said holding up my finger and wishing that if a fly was going to be embedded in a finger that it was at least in the middle one, which would have worked better for what I was thinking.

“Can I have that back?”

Middle finger needed again.

“Seriously, the fish are still cruising”

“You can paddle your ass over here to get it after I pull it out of my finger, and my face is fine too” I replied.

“Sorry about that, Thanks” as I return the bloody fly. “The fish are still sipping a few mayflies, you should put one on since you have on a dry line.”

“Yep, trying to do just that until you decided to snag a 220 lb tub of goo.”

Needless to say I finished tying on the Adams and hit that last 20 inch fish on the first cast and called it a day. A very nice, relaxing, fun day (except the snagging incident).
Nice report

Great report! I love reading these during the week when I can't be out fishing myself. Really appreciate the report!
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Great Report! Sounds like a lot of fun!
I hope your buddy didnt use that bloody fly, he could have been busted for fishing with a scented fly ;)

Quick Question: How much longer will Dry Falls be fishing well?
I got 8 fish into the net my buddy got 4. It was a little slow at times, but the size and fight were great. I did not get the water temp, but it was not too cold. There were still a few hoppers up in the grass and rocks so it hasn't been to cold yet.


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closing of df

please correct me if i am wrong but dry falls closes the last day of november. it can be very good the month of november. mike w