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Salute the Sound: November 16, 6:30pm at the Seattle Aquarium
Benefitting Puget Soundkeeper Alliance

Last year we had 4 members from the forum including myself- I'd like to see us improve on that this year! Do I hear a table of 8? Two tables?

Come support clean water in Puget Sound and join in the Silent Auction, partake of the Seafood Buffet and hear a "State of the Sound" speech from Brad Ack, chair of the governor's Puget Sound Action Team. Beer, Wine, Dessert are also provided.:beer2:

You can also watch live video of underwater shark research, as divers study Puget Sound's resident monster: the six-gill shark.:eek:

Tickets are $75 person, Children are free! This is a perfect opportunity to give a little back to the resource that we love. Its cheaper than most trips to the flyshop and who knows? Your investment may even help you catch a fish someday. Puget Soundkeeper Alliance enforces our Clean Water Laws has literally stopped hundreds of thousands of pounds of pollutants from entering the Sound in its 20 year history.

This is my day job, I made a decision 3 years ago to dedicate myself to protecting this amazing resource, even if it meant a cut in pay from my previous employment. I still give to the organization and each year I write a check at this event.

Let me know if any of you are interested. I'd love to see a sizable contingent from this group.:thumb:

Chris Wilke
Puget Soundkeeper Alliance
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Thanks to Chris Scoones for letting me make this post
once or twice a year.

Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
We understand how significant the Soundkeepers Alliance is to the health and future of Puget Sound waters and it's indigenous species. I think enough of them to be donating a Sea Run Coastal Cutthroat Trout fly fishing trip to this benefit.

I hope you folks will get in on this upcoming Puget Soundkeeper fundraiser; one of you is coming fishing with me!
Buddy of mine just got to see the live shark action down there a month ago and said it was very worth the donation he made. He had bid on a private showing of it. I was supposed to have been there myself with him and the rest of the crew but had just gotten out of the hospital and was on to many pain meds to drive. Wish I could make it this time but will be out of town. For those out there the shark action alone will be worth it from what I am told by those who saw it.


AKA Beadhead
I want to go ahead and repeat an offer that I made last year...

I am trying to fill a table of 8 or 10 for this event and I want to get as many flyfishers as possible involved, so I am offering to pay $15 / ticket for anyone (and their guest) from this site. I will do this for up to 10 people.

So that makes it $60 per person instead of $75.

You will be nicely wined, dined and well entertained. :beer1:

Thanks Pat for the info on the sharks- the Aquarium had been double-booked for the Shark Research + Our event, But we soon realized that this would be an added draw and I am excited to see this myself.

Bob Triggs- Thanks for donating the guided SRC trip for the auction. Auction items are a valuable form of support. I may bid on this myself.

For the rest of the WFF forum- consider coming out on Nov 16 to support clean water in Puget Sound and its tributary rivers. The Puget Soundkeeper Alliance has done a lot to protect the resource that we love, from educating citizens to regulating stormwater discharge to requiring sewage treatment plants and industrial facilities to follow water quality standards.

I hope that you can make it.