WFF / AEG Cowlitz Party Location and Directions

AEG/WFF Cowlitz Party Location and Directions

Well as I posted earlier, our party location went out of business last week and is now owned by the bank. Owens and I went down yesterday, drove many miles, scouted numerous locations, and finally found one.

Riffe Lake Campground sits on some beautiful waterfront property on a hill overlooking Riffe Lake near the bustling town of Mossyrock. At the top of the campground is a sort of ampitheater cut out of the side of a hill with rough-hewn log seats all facing towards a stage. The owner likes to refer to it as the "Riffe Gorge". Every year she throws an event at the campground called "Riffe-Stock".

From the ampitheater the the road snakes down through the forest to the lake, and there are numerous beautiful campsites cut out of the forest. There are also RV sites, for those planning on bringing an RV, hookups are extra. The campground is located 11 miles from Blue Creek on the Cowlitz.

Riffe Lake Campground
241 Osborne Rd
Mossyrock, WA 98564
(360) 983-8122

Here are the directions:

Take I-5 South (from Seattle)
Take Exit 68, Highway 12 EAST
Go 21 scenic miles to the town of Mossyrock
Turn right on Williams Street which takes you into Mossyrock
At the T intersection, go left on Mossyrock Rd East
Head East for 2 1/2 miles
At the Y in the road turn turn right on Swofford Road
Head 2 more miles, staying left on Green Mountain Road
200 yards after the fork in the road, turn left on Osborne Road
Follow to end!

At the turn-off for Swofford Road and the turn-off for Osborne Road there are signs that say "Riffe Lake Campground". I'll also be posting up paper signs for the party at these two locations. If you get lost, try calling the number above.

For those of you who are bringing families or who would like to sleep somewhere not quite so noisy, 5 miles down the road is Mossyrock Park, a quiet campground run by Tacoma Power. More information on that campground can be found here:

The campground is reserved Thursday - Sunday, we'll be arriving mid-day on Thursday to set things up, if anyone is around and would like to help, that would be appreciated.

The entrance fee for the party is $25 and includes your camping fee, access to the 9 kegs of beer, and entertainment. You can pay cash at the party, or we'll have a PayPal page set up soon to pre-pay. See ya there!


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Ok, my offer on maps still stands. I can't figure out how to export them anywhere except to my GPS, but I can print them out... So any areas that anyone wants a map of I can print several copies and bring with me.
Jason, we're going to have a cork board hanging up by the tents to put fishing information, so if you want to print some extras, that'd be great!


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SOunds like a plan to me, but my only question is how far from the campground should I go with the maps? I don't know the area too well other then getting to Rife Lake. ptyd

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I wouldn't worry to much about maps of the area as I sure we all have been scoping out areas to fish. Besides being that it is in November not too many waters are open. As to what little I have been at pouring over some of my many maps.



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Nice work - thanks.

I was looking also, but to beat the first one you had, I was looking for a bar with a fly shop on one side and a topless joint on the other.

Bart :thumb:


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Bart~ I dont know if a topless joint in that area would be a sight for sore eyes. Maybe partially blind eyes, or 2 cases of beer, but not good!! :hmmm:

There is one hell of a burger joint in morton called spiffys. Giant burgers and shakes to die for!! It has a sign on it that says EAT, so you know its good!
Thanks Bart, too bad about the topless joint :) Not sure if she's going to open the primitive group site as she said it's really muddy, but we rented the ENTIRE campground Thursday - Sunday :) There are some really nice campsites carved out of the woods, and there's also a beach for bonfires!
Speaking about bonfires... Anyone have any way of getting firewood?

I will be bringing a few tarps that I will setup as a canopy to keep my tent uder as long as there are good trees to tie up to.
I bought a cord of wood for the party :) Hey, anyone have any tiki torches? Bring as many tarps and parachute cord as you can muster, there are plenty of trees in the camping area... Oh yeah, Brendan tells me Riffe Lake hold browns?

"This is Riffe Lake, and not an uncommon memory for those of you lucky enough to have spent a weekend wetting a line in her waters. With landlocked Coho, Catfish, Bass, Perch, Rainbow and the occasional German Brown, your bound to find something to bend your rod. And it doesn't matter if your fishing from a boat or shore."
Yeah, Rife holds some nice fish, but I am not sure how low the lake is, which could make fishing it a chore from shore or boat.