Lake Merrill

Anybody out there been to Merrill yet. Basic questions. Gate open? How high is he water? What bugs are showing up? Going to give it a try Tuesday PM. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
Just got a report from a guy there over the weekend. He said there were some big alder fly hatches, and the fishing was really good, although they didn't catch any big browns. The fishing was best in the morning and late evening, but taperered off mid day. No Hex's yet.
Fished Merrill over the long Weekend fishing between 11-7 in the day was poor but the mornings and even more on the evening was really good once I keyed into the fish. A black emerger pattern seemed to work best. I caught Browns, Cuts and Rainbows all in one day though nothing over 14". Had one really big hit on a black leech pattern with a full sink tip with 30 feet of line out. The fish hit so hard it almost took the rod holder and my pole with it over the side I just managed to grab the holder as it was slipping off from the kayak. The gate is open on weekends but they were having trouble finding a care taker so the gate may not open weekdays from what I was told by some of the locals. : :BIGSMILE


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I fished it last Wednesday afternoon till dark. I had good luck all day using a size 12 caddis. I'm a bad to poor fly-fisherman and I caught around 10 fish on dries and missed many more. The Browns were averaging 8"-10", with a few in the 12" range. The Cutts were anywhere from 6"-16". Most of the fish were caught casting towards shore. All the fish were in excellent condition. They were little pigs. I think Merrill may regain some of its past glory in the years to come.