Day on the River with Robert Meiser


River Run Anglers is proud to announce a Day on the River with Robert Meiser

of R.B Meiser Fly Rods located in Medford, OR. The Mieser man will be

coming to town for the day bringing a quiver of Speyrods. And, yes, some

Switch rods! The Highlight of the day will be debut of the MKS series of

rods. MKS stands for Mike Kinney Special (Mike Kinney is a name that

synonymous with Speyrods and Guides of the Northwest). The collaboration of

Mike and others has produced a very good casting rod for the Northwest-style

of casting. Robert will be soliciting public input on these rods and some

other surprises.

Hours from 9:00 AM until we are done​
Dateline November 13, 2004

What a glorious day in the Pacific Northwest! The glistening red, gold and rust leaves floated gently down around the Tolt River. Against this backdrop, fifty men experimented with the newest Meiser rods under the watchful eyes of their creators. Bob Meiser and Mike Kinney were please to see the newest Meiser spey rods the Mike Kinney Specials, a northwest casting style rod, in the hands of international guests. The MKS Series rods were an outstanding success.

The 13'6" was tested by novice and expert casters with the same result; most everyone who cast it enjoyed it. The lines that were tested were custom heads, short, mid an long belly lines with weights from 490 grains to 880 grains making this a most versitale spey rod. (The 7/8 XLT was the test line.)

It has been an extreme pleasure to be associated with and help with the development of this rod series. It is my hope that Mr. Meisier continues with his endeavours in the future. Refreshments were provided at the river by Jehovah-Rophe Academy. The critique was held at River Run Anglers with smoked salmon and single malt hors d'oeuvres.

Many Thanks to all who attended.

I have one simple request to drop both me and Bob Mieser a E-mail [email protected] and let us know what you thought.