Tahuya river

I was wondering if anyone goes and fishes for SRC or salmon in the river or the in the Tahuya estuary. If so is it possable to fish from some kind of craft in the estuary?

Also do any of u fish the dewatto estuary or river for SRC or salmon?

Thanks ghetto
Tahuya was used to be decent about 5 years ago but has really gone downhill. The Dewatto can be fair to good but timing the runs is really tricky and can vary by more than a month. They both get hit a lot by indian netting. I've even seen the nets draped fully across the river mouths.

Make sure you are watching the regs closely (pinched barbs, releasing all SRCs, etc.). I am glad to see more fish and game patrols out there. Depnding on where you are coming from there a lot better fisheries without the drive into oblivian.