Donating flies to kids?

I've got a bunch of old flies that I simply will never use again. Some are a little beat up, but would probably be okay for a kid just starting out. Any idea where I can donate them?

Jerry Daschofsky

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You can donate them to Josh Zarling on this board. He runs a flyclub at his high school. I know I try to send extra flies, tying supplies, and other misc. stuff when I can.


Scott Willison
Great post Wally. I'm in the same predicament but never considered how I might actually get rid of them. My pet patterns seem to change every couple of years and I constantly struggle with those space-takers in my boxes that simply don't get fished. I'm sure they'd catch fish, it's just that they don't look pretty enough in my box. Call me weird.

Post that address Josh and I'm good for at least a 100 flies (if not more).
I have an entire thread box full of "reserve flies." About a third are things like spare salmonflies (as in the insect, not the fish), but there are also weird things I picked up or tied back in the day. I went through a streamer phase when I was about 13, for example, and bought a whole bunch of eastern-style streamers like Black Ghosts, etc., which though probably useful just can't stand up against the zonkers, sculpins, and buggers that fill my box these days...

I finally finished grading my latest round of papers, and tomorrow I'm going to burn the midnight oil on one of my own papers. It's remotely possible I'll finish a draft on Friday and have it done for good over the weekend. If so, I might be able to float the day after Thanksgiving. This weekend I'll probably only have time to hit the Nooksack for a couple hours one day, assuming it's clear enough.
You have no idea how happy the kids will be. So far we have been fishing in the salt and lakes. We are about to start building rods so we have enough when we go out fishing. We are going to use the rod building tools through Northwest Angler and we ultimately wanted to tie flies but we did not have enough materials, tools, or vices. Anything would help. Thanks so much for any assistance you can give.
Thank you all so much.


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you could donate them to Alaska fly fishers, one guy Benny gives out so many of his flies to kids, and rarely anybody else, if you want send em up here I'll cover postage and make sure they get in good hands
Hey Josh i am up in lake stevens, i have a father in law who ran a outdoor store years ago in Montana. Any way he gave me about 15 boxes of rod building thread, i have some interesting colors, but i would be glad to donate a few boxes to you if you would like.
I can not thank you enough for the flies. They were amazing and extremely well tied. This makes me think that I have to get on the ball with my tying skills. It is nice to have a bunch of flies and stuff to give the kids to use. Most of the time I just give them my stuff, which usually means that I will not see it again because for some reasons fly fishers that are learning first learn on underwater stumps posing as fish or trees posing as artifical casting room. Thanks again and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with anything.


Scott Willison
You're Most Welcome

The pleasure was all mine Josh. I enjoy tying for its zen-like qualities as much, if not more than fly fishing itself. That I could share some of my time and work with such a worthy cause is but a bonus. I have a tremendous amount of respect for you and the energy that you invest in the high school fishing club. I am just 5 days away from completing my student teaching in Seattle and soon to be certified to teach primary. Of all the things I have come to realize so far in this experience, teaching our children to respect, appreciate, and put back into the environment is beyond value. My students are so receptive to learning about the rivers, fish, and wildlife around us, though most see very little of these things in their urban niche. Though teaching is far more than a forum for my own private agenda, I can't help but hope that by promoting positive attitudes about the environment today, we'll enjoy a new generation of thinking people who are willing to fight for it when we're all too old to wade.

Enjoy the flies. I'd love to hear of any first fish caught on them.


I'll get my own batch out to you next week. I've been up to my eyes in schoolwork, and haven't even had time to fish in three weeks. I'm down to my last 2 papers, the shortest ones, so next week I should actually have some of that magic thing called "leisure."