presentation mounting of flies

Would anyone in this group care to give a tutorial on how to go about mounting flies in those pretty little shadow box frames that you see every now and again? I'd like to mount some of the flies that I've recieved in the recent fly swaps to display in my tying room. alot are just too beautiful to sit in a closed box.
if you know of a link, that'll do too.

My wife is the artsy one in the family, but she does a real nice job of mounting display flies. When she gets a shadow box she figures out where they fly or flies should be mounted on the back of the shadow box. Then she hot glues a small piece of clear plastic rod on the back of the shadow box, adds some glue to the other end of the rod and attaches the hook point to it.
This makes it look like the fly is floating in the air.


Jerry Daschofsky

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Ron, that's a great idea, I didn't think of that. Hmmmmm. LOL.

Actually, what I've done (but like Ron's wife's idea better) is buy cork at craft stores and color them black (to match the background). Then either drive the flyhook into it, or glue it down. Has almost same effect, but sounds like Ron's is much faster. I've made a few of these frames for people. Got a rush of orders for them (not for $$$, but for family and friends) after making my Dad's retirement gift. It was the bigger frames, and had a picture of us that "floated" in the frame since I put cork out of sight behind it. So everything floated at different levels in the frame. I know it was the hit of the party.

Oh, and if you want them inexpensively, go to Walmart. I know they used to carry 3 different sizes. But last time I was there, they only had the one (would be perfect for about 30 or so flies). But used to have some smaller ones at one time. I know the one they had was like $12, and same one at Michaels ran around $30.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Thanks. That one has been a hit. I just don't like tying alot of them. Just take a bit to tie. Yeah, have a few of those floating around now. I charge a bit more for them, but not a fast tie. LOL. Just donated one to a military auction to help fund some services for enlisted men. Hope it draws a decent price to help them out.

Jerry Daschofsky

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The wing is married goose shoulders. Thanks for the compliement. Still trying to perfect (if that truly ever happens) doing built wing salmon flies. Simple ones I can do, full married wings still get me. LOL.
You are going to display the fly swap flies?? I thought they were for fishing! If your going to put them in a box on your wall I guess I can just tie up a few "just a pretty face" flies. That will save on the R & D trips that I take to try out the flies before I tie them up for the swaps. I didn't want to send flies to this group of maniac flyfishers that hadn't bee proven out there in the fish world. ;)
All this time I thought they were for fishing, man I been missing something. :confused:
jesse clark
Yes and no Jesse.
Since I often get only one fly swap back from most swaps; here's what I usually do(so far anyway). I keep them in a box in my tying room until I can get at least one extra tyed . Have you ever been fishin' with only one pattern that was really hot and after the fish ripped it to shreads only wish you had a clone of that fly to duplicate? I appreciate the fact that you are doing R&D on the flies that you're submitting. All of mine have had numerous hours of R&D invested as well. But , I still keep 3 copies of each fly I tie and submit to a swapfor the Following reasons
a) In case someone's flies get lost in the mail such a thing happen for a few days in a swap that I now am entered in.
b) so I have an exact copy of a fly that I submitted as well as detailed instructions should a fellow tier wish to have the recipe to that pattern.
c) I also keep a 3"x5" envelope containing dubbing concocions for each pattern that I submit that were dubbed. (I have lots of them)...

Unfortunately too many tyers cannot duplicate patterns that they recieve because, The person that submitted the flies to the swap don't include recipes. So, I guess that's why Your fly (the one that you submit) will be stored in a box. Who knows if it looks good and works it might end up in a frame someday.
The guy who taught me how to tie (Gill Nyerges) has some of the most beautiful plates that you ever saw. Ands he uses most everyone of them.
I hope this answers your question.
I lerned a long time ago that you don't want only 1 of any pattern.
BYW, I hope that you're having fun R&D ing them flies and I want you to be the first to know that I appreciate all of your hard work! :thumb:
Well, It's official, Gill Nyerges will do a 1 1/2 hour presentation on Presentation Mounts on Flies at the Whidbey Island Fly Fishing Club Meeting in Jan. I'll post the date and Time/ Location if there's anyone interested in attending. For those of you that have never seen one of his; They are truely beautiful and of some he incorporates his painting skills.
Randy Diefert :thumb: This should be a very good presentation.
I've attached a couple pictures of fly plates that I made after buying a kit from Sawdust and Stitches. I think the kits were $50-60 each. A warning. You mount the flies on small glass rods. It was tough drilling small holes through the glass to hold the hooks.

I've attached a very cheap fly plate I constructed myself using a thin sheet of cork board from a craft store and using soft silicon tubing (the kind which is the sleeve for tube fly hooks) to hold the flies. I superglued the tubing to the cork background. The total cost for this frame was about $10 because the frame was given to me for free. Not as nice as the presentation boxes, but I tie a lot and am trying to frame a number of different collections of flies.
Very Nice Dave! This is exactly what I had in mind. A nd a nice selection of flies.
What did you use to drill the glass tubes? (A dremel tool?). and I didn't happen to see the rods for sale at that website. They do have some really nice looking frames. Thanks, Randy