Dry Falls Report

After nearly taking out the two dudes from Spokane I decided to further my conquest of inland Northwest fishing. The next step? Invite one Jesse James to ride with me to Dry Falls. His son John was also invited but decided to cancel after receving and anonymous phone call warning him about my driving. Pwsquawfish was that you?

We opted for a casual start and met a Jesse's home around 7:00 a.m. The drive took just over 2 hours (I drive crazy but not fast) and allowed for the requisite two cups of coffee and some good conversation. We arrived at Dry Falls just as the Sun was starting to warm up. The temperature was a balmy 37 degree (according to the thermometer in the car).

At first fishing was slow as we worked our way from the launch along the Island and over to the cliffs below the lookout. Back in the bay below the lookout I took two fish (one Bow and one Tiger) on a Peacock body Carey with a red floss mid-section. Also had a few take downs that didn't connect.

We then worked our way back along the islands Where Jesse picked up two fish and I hooked and landed my third of the day. Jesse's first fish bulldogged him for about 60 secs before coming to the surface and sliding right in to the net.

Let me warn anybody who has not fished with Jesse James... don't got to the bathroom or get out of your tube for any reason. With a one fish lead and need to warm up my feet in the worst way, I decided to go ashore for a few minutes. When I came back around the island Jesse was just releasing his third fish of the day. From that point on he never looked back.

Betweeen 3:00 and 4:45 Jesse proceeded to catch about 300 fish. Okay, 300 is exaggerated. But he sure didn't leave any for me. After my bathroom break I switched to an Egg Sucking Zonker and quickly had a fish on. This fish was probably the best fish of the day. However, I only got a quick glimpse of it as it jumped before I decided to LDR it. After that I had another fish (see my little Rainbow) that became my last fish for the day.

Meanwhile Jesse was fast and furious into R&D for his new articulated Leech pattern. Working between the launch and the island Jesse landed countless Rainbows. Most of which were between 20-22" and a gorgeous 19" brown as well.

All in all it was a great day on the water. Lots of hard fighting fish and we even got to see the elusive brown and tiger trout. This trip does have me wondering though... What's with the football like proportions on those fish? Every fish we caught was as big around as it was long :p

EDIT: I apologize for the picture of the brown. Not only did I cut off Jesse's Head. But the focus is very soft. Apparently maintaining position in a float tube and taking pictures is too much for me to manage. You should see me pat my head and rub my belly. :rofl:

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Hey Pat,you don't let anything rest do you. At least they made it there and back,it should stand for something. :rofl:



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Hey Spoke, What kind of lines were you guys using? It looks like you probably had the place pretty much to yourselves. Thanks for the report. Ive

I was fishing a Type III. I believe Jesse was using an Intermediate. Actually I'm surprised he hasn't chimed in on this one. You should have heard him on the way home. Talkin bout how he outfished me. :D

Believe it or not there were quite a few guys there (considering the time of year/weather). When we arrive there were two guys on the water. Over the course of the afternoon I would guess probably a dozen including Jesse and myself. Of course I shouldn't complain... that's a far cry from a busy Saturday in the spring time.

Scott Salzer

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We was there too, from Thursday until Sunday morning. My best day was on Thurs. afternoon until past dark. (13) fish to the boat, a few LDR's and other bumps. Fished slower on Friday and Saturday, for me. My buddy picked up (24) on Friday, including (6) before first light. There was a good mix of browns & bows, including the occasional tiger. Those tigers are pretty fish up to 18-19". Most of my fish were caught on a clear, sinking line. Did manage a couple on an Adams as the sun went down out itn the open water north of the island.
I was fishing an intermediate line and in the areas I fished I think I was right in the weeds most of the time. I was using an articulated bunny leech in black and red tied on number six hooks. The takes I had were like a freight train and all of the good takes resulted in fish to hand. That trailing stinger hook brings good hookups instead of "tailgrabbers".
I only saw one guy using a floating line I didn't see him catch anything..
Micro brew were you and your partner in the pontoons or the little glas boat?? Spoke and I were the crazy guys in the float tubes.
I am interested in trying my lake articulated leech in different colors to see if its the action that works or the color combination.
jesse clark
I was there on Friday. In fact, I think we talked with you, Microbrew. To answer your question Pat, I tried chironomids for a couple hours and had zero takes. Started catching fish when I switched over to a black bunny leech on an intermediate sink line. Ended the day with 7 or so to the boat. The fish are in great shape right now.

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
Micro Brew was in a newer Outcast, other buddy was in an older Outcast and the third was in a pram. We tended to hit the lake at O'dark thirty - hoping for the browns - fished until about 10:30, then headed back for lunch and a nap. Usually got back out on the lake about 2:30 and fished until after dark. We pretty much covered the lake. I had my best luck in the south end of the bay closest to the observation area.
Hope to see you guys again, perhaps in the spring.

I didn't see anyone fishing chronies but talked to a guy who took a few on blood worms. The fish were feeding on very small gray/lt. green scuds, size 18-20.

Yep, we caught you guys as you were coming off the lake, and talked to you as we loaded up in the dark. If you are interested in a spring trip over there, shoot me a pm, maybe we can set something up.


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I have a question for you guys that fish after dark at Dry Falls. In your experience do the park rangers every close the gate to the lake? If I recall from when I fished there last year there were signs indicating that they would close the gates at dark.

Question to Jesse on the recipe for your articulated leech. How long do they end up and where is the red? I have been fishing Probasco's night leech in black at Lenice the last couple of weeks and have done well on it, but would like to try the articulated variety. I've had too many short takes on the long tailed leech. The fish there like to give you that hard head shake the tends to dislodge hooks and result in LDR's.

Scott Salzer

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We generally fish the lake early in the moring - still dark, and fish until after dark. I know the gate you are talking about and we have never seen it shut, so my experience is that they do not lock the gate. I guess it could happen, but not so far when we have been there.