Swap Marathon Swap Pics


Pics of the first 2 legs of the Marathon swap are now posted in the fly swap gallery.
Marathon Swap 10/2004 Dry Fly

Recipes that were provided are included. If you'd like, add yours as in the comment section.

I think they came out pretty darn good. Thanks Beth for all your hard work :D

Happy Hollidaze,
David and Beth aka LeakyTiki and LadyBug
Hey Leaky,
Thank you and Beth for the pics.
It must of been quite tedious for her if you were helping. iagree
Just kidding(kind of) :rofl: :rofl:
Posted recipes in gallery like you said .
Alot of hunt'n n peck'n for one day, with my ham hock fists! :mad:
L.T.L. Doug P.