Musky report...more like a day outside report ;)

The new net bag made it much easier to net and release these wonderful fish. The net bag is is about 36 inches across the bottom ring and is flat bottomed with a 5/8 inch fine rubber mesh.. I estimate the fish to to be about 30 inches and about 15 pounds. Saw several others when the wind wasn't blowing.
what are you using to connect the front shank and the rear hook? heavy fluoro? wire? damn, that's a beast of a fly!
That is simply a direct connection between Blane Chockletts predator shank (80mm) and a 6/0 Gama SL 12s with nearly weightless Aluminum dumbell eyes.
Truth be told, I can manage 12 casts with this before it becomes really annoying. The visual in the water is awesome, but I am pretty much just tossing the single hook deceiver style like the pattern below.

After several trips I am even paring down more on these to shed weight and increase visual sexiness. Gig Harbor Fly Shop has some killer Grizzly Hackle in stock that is long, bright and flowing and really adds pop to the fly. Plus I got rid of the Marabou, I love the flowing fill it provides, but the soggy factor decreases casting enjoyment.
This is why I love FF and tying; I create something, then perfect it, the ultimate satisfaction is having it be well received by the fish ;)