Rocky Ford Trout?

So can anyone explain to me what's up with the fat old trout inhabitating Rocky Ford Creek?

Are these stocked fish? And by this I mean, are they stocked on an regular basis (annual, bi-annual...)?

Or, are they a self-sustaining population resulting from an initial stocking? If they are self-sustaing, it would sort of make them wild trout, sorta....wouldn't it?

Thanks for help on this mystery...

steve s

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I believe that the trout were stocked a few years back and now because of the regulations and amount of food, they have grown quite large. I also think that with the hatchery right there, a few fish probably escape into the creek. I have also heard of carp coming up from moses lake, and if they are able to, trout must be able to make it through as well, though the last I heard, there were measures being taken to stop the carp from getting in the creek, and I haven't seen any in there for a couple of years. Now some of this is just speculation on part, but as far as I know, no trout have been stocked recently.
steve s
Did you have a go at those hogs? I am not sure about them either, but they appear to be triploid stock. I am sure that some of them are not, because they do quite a bit of spawning in there, and I am sure that some of it is successful. I am also seeing what appear to be Cutbows???? I also see these in Dry falls and several other lakes in the basin. I am going to go talk to the biologist in Ephrata and see if I can find anything out. They do seem to stock it with old Brood stuff. Last fall they loaded it with big old hatchery fish of some sort. Fins rubbed off, Hit anything that moved. These same fish adapted and will give you fits now.
There are carp up to the riffles where the lower hatchery dumps back in. I have not seen any above there, so they are few if any.
Does anybody else know about those Cutthroat appearing fish??They also are very finely and tightly spotted, fight like crazy.
Yeah, I fished Rocky Ford Creek last weekend. Had a blast hooking the big guys. One thing's for sure: I'm a little rusty on my big-trout fighting skils. Of maybe 12 fish hooked, I landed four. Pretty sad. A good excuse to go back, though.

Tight lines!
Hey you did about as good as most. I went up there Sun afternoon about 4, and I have never seen so many people there.
For some reason, some days you will land almost every fish you hook, and some days nothing stays on. I guess we can call it Early release, long distance release etc.
I never use a net there, and try not to take the fish out of the water. Fight them to about 10 ft of the line/leader knot, and then back up so you have an angle to pull them up to the bank. This keeps a long line to prevent a short line breakoff. Pull the fish,(after he is tired)over to the bank. As soon as he touches the moss or grass, wait a second, then relax the line.
They usually just lay there for you to remove the fly. If you stand there pulling on the fish with the rod right over his head, it wont stop. Leave the rod slack, and you can walk up and remove the hook, revive the fish and everybody is happy. People are always amazed when they see me do this, and I have converted a lot of them. It will make you sick to see how some people treat those fish
What did you catch them on,they seemed awfully quiet sunday evening, although I got a few on dry flys.
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Thanks for the landing advice, I'll try it next time.
I fished most of the day Saturday, and early am to about 11am on Sunday.

Saturday, I stuck with the olive scud most of the day. Sunday ran across a trico spinner fall and hooked a few 'bows on size #22s--definitely the highlight of the trip.

By the time I left the creek, I noticed the crowds starting to form. Already more anglers than I saw the previous day.

I only fished the upper water near the hatcheries. I noticed that there's another stretch of fishable water lower down. What's this water like? About the same?

That area you were in is my favorite section. Most guys dont fish it cause it takes some casting abitlity. The area just below that necks down into a bunch of rocks, and is by far the most popular spot on the creek, and most of the fish are taken there. Further downstream it is narrow and fast and all very good. it is easier fished from the East side of the bank. there is a bridge at the downstream hatchery, you can park there also, no outhouse. Downstream of the bridge is not my favorite section. It opens up wide, and is currently covered in moss, and then narrows as the majority of the water is diverted into the lower hatchery. the remaining water forms a freestone riffle type water very narrow and shallow. It draws a lot of attention, but it doesnt interest me. The hatchery water joins the creek again, but you run out of public land there, and that is where the carp start showing up. I have never fished the public water downstream where Highway 17 crosses, but there are probably fish there in the winter. I dont believe that fish can get up from moses lake, as there is a dam. The lower stretch is reported as too warm in the summer??.
Sounds like you did good, and hope you had fun, its a neat place. Check out the rest of it when you get over again.
Good luck and keep me advised, will help anytime.