Columbia River smallies C&R?

Paul Huffman

Driven by irrational exuberance.
The were lots of carp in the Celilo boat basin too, but they were all
sunbathing at the surface. Success on fish like this is low. But after trying some bass flies, I found that the smallmouths in the basin just couldn't resist a pink and tan crazy charlie, a bonefish fly. This was the first time I'd caught any smallmouths, and I thought their bite was better than their fight. Maybe it was low oxygen, but I thought they were famously scrappy. Also, I didn't know if I should release them. I wasn't sure if I wanted to eat them caught in these waters, and I wasn't sure that I wanted them to eat more salmon downstream migrants. What's the moral thing to do?

I was also fishing without the benefit of my Oregon license that was
delayed in the mail. It came saturday, the day before this alledged fishing incident occurrred, but it wasn't in my vest until today. I figured that my chances of getting checked were low, and my chances of
explaining my way out of it were good, especially if they believed at I was C&Ring and the officer in the field has some way of checking the records back at base. But it would be so embarrassing for the background check to pick up a carp fishing violation in the unlikely event I'm asked to head up NFWS or something like that years later, like a Nannygate. ("I have no recall of that.")