Samish River last day of 04'


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Been wantin' to catch a steelhead on a fly, so I tried this river last friday. A little on the high side, so couldn't wade across where I would've wanted to start, so I just went up to the WDFW parking lot on the north end of the 99 bridge. A couple of gear people were fishing the drift below the bridge, asked how they were doing and they said it was pretty slow, which means no hits. Asked if they heard of any fish caught, and they said no. No one was fishing the drift below, in front of the first mobile there so thats where I went water visibility looked just right for catching steel just right with about 2 ft. Casted black bunny leeches through the run, no hits, swithced to a pink one nothing. Water was to high to wade down below so that was it. Talked to some other people there and they said it's been slow too.
Later when I got back home checked the WDFW site to see what kind of smolt plants the river was getting. Look liked the last smolt plant was back in 2001, which was a pretty hefty plant of 31,000 smolts. Don't know about this river if it would be worth the time and effort or not. Bummer cause it's close to home and I can be out there in less than 20 minutes. Might just have to bite the bullet and drive 50 miles to go up river on the Skagit and Cascade rivers to catch one.