(NFR) Searching for A fish car


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Longs for Cutts seems to have his heart set on a new rig and none of us should put him down for that. After all, the way we learned was to buy a new rig......and another.....and another.... until finally the lights went on and we realized we were spending money now on depreciating toys instead of saving for an early retirement in the future. My record in this department is none too good either.

But another plus for buying a used rig I forgot to mention: Remember all those hours we used to waste vacumning out our rigs and polishing them? Well, I have so many scratches on my rig from driving through brush to remote lakes that anything more than an occaisional pressure washing is just overkill. As for vacumning that is truly a thing of the past. I simply open all the doors and the hatchback, pull out the floormats and purge whatever is left with a leafblower. If a 160mph breeze doesn't blow it out it is probably part of the car. And if it blows something off it was probably loose and would come off anyway. It gets into cracks and crannies that a vacumn could never reach, flushes out stinkbugs, spiders, stale french fries, etc.

If you aren't using this efficient system yet I can only assume you are still making payments or just obsessing too much over your rig! ;) :D Ive
That light comes on for everyone at sometime I hope. But I try to tell anyone looking for new truck to at least think about the used option. Also if you search online for new rigs sometimes you can find some "internet specials" that dealers have. I wouldn't be worried about "blowing your inheritance" Just tell them that you did your research and came up with the best priced rig that fits what you needed it to do for you. Another thing is that it is fun to cash out new stuff and know that you won't have to make payments. Now I am going to go premix some gas for my leaf blower and get that fry out of between my consoul and seat. I like the sounds of that technique. :thumb: :beer2:

deisel diesel diesel drop about 18k on a used 50-75 thosand miles and just broken in truck, a cummins inline 6 gets about 20-22 hiway miles and the half life of the motor is 250000 miles they last forever, and youl have more than enough power to pull anything, i know it is not on your list but it may be something to look at, and yes diesel is more expensive than gas now but its not too bad
If you are willing to drive a ways to get new I would not overlook Dave Smith in Kellogg. We bought an 03 Dodge ram 1500 new and although were raked over the coals when we bought accessories, were pleased with their sales staff. JUST DON"T BUY ANYTHING ELSE other than the rig from them, accessories is how they make their money. My $.02


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Finance the vehicle, put your money into some kind of investment. If you look around you could probably find 0-3% financing on a new rig. If they are giving the money away at the rate of inflation or lower, you'de be crazy not to take em' up on it. If you want a 4-runner, go get one. Put your cash into an account and put that shit on auto-pay, you credit rating will thank you. Make xtra principal payments to cover the difference in cost. Or buy domestic because our trade deficit with Japan pisses you off. I drive a chevy Astro Cargo Van. Zero cool factor. I Love it. Live in it when I fish. I paid $18k brand new.
To confirm the Nissan fuel mileage, my '93 Pathfinder gets the same as the new ones, about 13-15 in the city and up to 19 on the highway. Nissan's are not known for their economy, but they will last. But my next car will be either an 05 Xterra or a new Tacoma crew cab.

Don't get a Liberty.

I agree with JesseJames about the Silverado 1500. Get about 18 mpg and a crew cab 4x4, you can tow with ease, my father towed their 24' trialer with his '98 1/2 ton silverado with no problem.


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This is really so subjective I can't imagine any 2 guys agreeing completely...

I'll tell you what I just bought and why...

Dodge Dakota, All Wheel Drive, V8, Quad Cab (4 full doors):

*Gas milage reasonable for a V8 if you get the newer 4.7
*4 full doors allows for comfy seating of 4 adults (and fits my family of 5 just fine)
*towing capabilty
*Spacious - i feel a little crammed in Subarus, Toyotas, Nissans, etc - espcially on longer trips - and I'm only 6', 185lbs...
*full sized power, but I can handle tighter 'jeep trails' better than a true full sized rig
*more agile in parking lots and other tight quarters, fits in the garage better, etc when compared to a true full sized rig
*competive price
*I can keep wet gear, wet dogs, etc in the back in the fiberglass topper and not stink up the cab...
*I can sleep in the back when 'roughing it' at the 'Ford'
*so far I love it as it seems to do all I ask of it and more (and I have never been a dodge fan, but newer models have been getting better and better)


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tough question --> my bad answer

i have both a older dodge ram 1500 and a newer tacoma. a couple of years ago i had the tough question. the dodge ram wasn't ready to die (and i wasn't anxious to get rid of it) but there was always that doubt. it was high miles and i wasn't going to lose a few weeks if it went down. but it was paid for. good fortune and $$ eased up, and the tacoma appeared. yes, it'll depreciate, but i plan to keep it so long that i won't remember what i paid for it.

i didn't know it at the time, but that was a really good decision. the answer for a good fish car depends on what you are going to use it for, payload, distance, # people, canopy, etc. for me, sometimes i carry the pontoon, other times it's towing the aluminum boat. i can't make up my mind, so both rigs are valuable.

you'll need to decide what your primary use is going to be. simply, that's it. one car won't be everything, so decide which use you think is most important, pick a good car, don't look back. if you can be happy most of the time, you're better than most of the people.

(but don't underestimate the value of reliability)