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Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
Very nice patterns. Who is the tyer of the second fly (the one with the glass glare). Does this pattern have a name and/or recipe.
Also, the six flies in the fourth photo are a curious style. Any history or other info about these would be appreciated


Dave McNeese

One of the OLD guys
The first three flies are Dee types tied for Joe Bates by the late Syd Glasso. The Black Dog, is also a perfect Glasso tie from 1979. The next fly I think is the FINEST example of the young Mark Waslick. I am posting these flies so you all can see their beauty, not just for me to see. The last group are extremely rare and also belonged to the late Joe Bates.You can get dressings from Bates streamer book on page 245. These were tied by Jim Pray for Bates in 1925. You can see how this early Cains river set By Pray has been copied , both in fresh and saltwater patterns made famous by some Big named tyers today. I'll post a picture of the first type Hair wing dry fly tyed in 1907, for angling on the Mc Kenzie river, possibly the birth place of many western ties.

Dave McNeese

One of the OLD guys
The hook is probably a "Rational" style, there were dozens of hook manufacturers, and they all made similar hooks. Hard to tell for sure.