Jim Prays "Carson" Steelhead Fly


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Thanks for sharing, Dave - it's a beautiful tie, especially when you consider when it was tied.

I was only able to find two references to the 'Carson' and both recipes had a hackled collar of brown and no yellow roof or underwing. Is your post a variant - and do you have the original pattern recipe?

Also, would you happen to know where I can find more information on Jim Pray and his flies?


Dave McNeese

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It's a brighter variation of the original Carson. It may have been used for searun cutthroats and steelhead.

The original Carson is as follows;
GP tippets
body- peacock herl butt and red floss rib silver tinsel
hackle- brown
wing- white topped with red bucktail

More info on Pray? Boy there is not much out there..... I can't think of any resources off the top of my head. Combs steelhead book has the most that I'm aware of. Does any one else know?

On another thread Dave mentions Bates' "Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing", which is also a good source of information on Jim Pray and his patterns. I'd suggest either the 1950 or 1966 editions as they are more contemporary with Pray. Bates' "Streamer & Bucktails The Big Fish Fies," also has a fair amount of material on Pray and his flies, but this was published in 1979 as an update to the earlier book and some of the older material may have been abridged.

Excellent reads both.