Please- All I am asking is if anyone has fished the Green &

Hey there, I'll ask again. Has anyone flied the Green lately? My friend is even more of a rookie than I am. I'd love to go back up to the Stilly (by the way, was there on the forth and didn't see anybody catch a thing from the shore-- Where were they that day?).

I am just curious if anyone has had any luck there whatsoever. I don't want to waste the day. The stilly is too far for the amount of time we have for the day.

Thanks a lot if you reply.


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Please- All I am asking is if anyone has fished the Gre

I fish the Green in Flaming Geyser quite often, when I'm too lazy to drive out to the Snoq or Yak. Using caddis flies in the late evening or early morning has been fun for me. I catch quite a few fish, but mind you many are quite small. I consider a 9" a trophy. early morn tends tp be better, since the drunk inner tubers haven't taken over the park

Please- All I am asking is if anyone has fished the Gre

I fished Flaming Geyser last week with zero luck, and the drunks on inner tubes,rafts,etc. didn't help any. I caught some smolts (immature steelhead) last year which fight pretty hard, but thats it. DO NOT FISH IN DARK MORNING AT HWY 18 BRIDGE!!! I fished there couple years ago and they are homeless trash people that live they and they broke into my car last time there. They live in there cars and park at the boat ramps and sleep there and ambush parked fisher man cars at dark sunrise. To be totally honest, anything BELOW Palmer Kanasket Park in Enumclaw basically SUCKS for anytype of quality flyfishing. Its only cool to practice and get you line wet! :ANGRY