Bamboo grips

Has anyone used the bamboo grips Cabela's is offering?

The following link is to casting rod grips but in their new catalog they are also selling fly rod grips.

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The cost of cork is driving me crazy!
I tried to order a bamboo grip to day but the minimum order was 4 grips(because it was a back order item). 4 is too many for me so I'll just wait until they are in stock so I can just order what I need.

East Fork

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I got my first and perhaps my last order of bamboo grips yesterday. While the appearance and texture of each was great, there were deep splits and cracks both between the grain of the rings and between the rings in 3 or 4 I received. With 3 of 4 with visible fatal flaws, I was afraid to use the 4th so I returned all them.

If the quality of the sample I observed is representative of quality of the product overall, its not ready for use on rods by serious rod builders.