First 2017 Trout--not A Bad Start


John or "LC"
Didn't weigh it, but it was easily 8 lbs., could have gone 10. Measured about 28" on the pontoon stripping apron ruler.

The picture isn't good, but you can get an idea of the shape. It was a total freak. If the rainbow colors would not have been so apparent, I'd have first thought it was a LMB. The girth was probably around 20". The mouth and jaw were square, and large enough to inhale a small ground squirrel.

Took a Sheeps Creek about 4' below the surface, fished with a CGR 7' 4/5 glass rod which was pretty maxed (that's being generous) by the time I got her to the pontoon. This water is odd because although we're fishing in 12-15' of water in 49-52 deg. temps with a weedy bottom, regardless of the size they don't seem to react to midges or emergers at all, even though we can see them gulping. The only presentation that seems to work is a small selection of streamers, fished with a hover line with an ultra slow troll and hand twist retrieve. I use a 5' hover clear polyleader on a floater; others use an Airflo slow .5 ips intermediate clear line.

The majority of the trout 6 lbs. or better I've caught have been in December - March in varying elevations, water temp right around 50°, all on streamers. Only a couple of them have been good fighters, this not being one of them. Just some good pulls with a lot of weight. .


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
#9"Red Band!":D
Oh, absolutely. Nothing wild about this one.
Reminds me of some of the larger ones they've been dumping into our stocker ponds, so that we still have some larger trouts that we can legally target, with diminishing river fishing opportunities. Big lazy slugs. Some really fight hard, rip line off the reel, and jump a lot, though. I have my fun with these in my local lakes!


John or "LC"
It's winter trout fishing, something to do locally if we're not targeting spotted bass. The Delta is mostly blown out, the stripers aren't in the rivers yet, the better lakes are iced over, and I don't do steelies or salmon as a target, though pick some up on occasion. I have another place that's larger and a little more real, stocked also by a local utility, same hatchery stock as this one came from. There's a derby around the first week in March. I fish it after that weekend a few times. Lots of 5# trout that have been there for awhile and do fight. It's also a great bass and bluegill lake too. Both an hour away, easy access, works for me until the season for real fish comes around mid to late March.


John or "LC"
I don't. I buy them for $.99 at Sportsmans Warehouse, and it's just a simple white wing over a chenille body with a small head of red thread. There are much better ties, but these seem to work fine. They just don't last very long. I could probably do about as well as I do now with only a box of Sheep's Creeks, black and olive Wiggletails tied with Jay Fair translucent, prince nymphs, and renegades.