Dorothy Lake, up the E. Fork, Miller River


Idiot Savant
Anyone been up to this lake or Bear and Deer Lakes above it? WDFW booklet says there's Brookies in them there lakes...

How bad is the hike? Looks like some good elevation gain in the Gazetter.
Two summers ago, I went backing through that area. There is some elevation gain leading up to Lake Dorothy but without a fully loaded pack it should be a fairly moderate hike. When we went by the south end of the lake we saw alot of trout rising. From the south end of Lake Dorothy to reach Bear and Deer Lakes, there is a substantial elevation gain but, again, without a fully loaded pack one can reach and fish Bear and Deer with time to get back to the trailhead in the late evening. Trout were rising in both Bear and Deer Lakes as we hiked by. We took a break by Deer Lake and we could see some fairly nice sized trout cruising the banks. Circumstances did not permit us time to fish that trip. However, based on our observation, the fishing should be good! Good Luck!


Idiot Savant
I'd probably hike in for a couple of days and camp lightly with just a sleeping bag, no tent.

Pack light, fish long... :THUMBSUP

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
I was just up there last Sunday, and I fished the outlet of Lake Dorothy. I only had a short time to fish, and took about 8 brookies and cutts with the biggest 2 cutts 10" each and a brookie 9". And this was on dries, in about 45 minutes.

The hike is not hideous, but the trail is very rough. the shoreline is quite constrained for fishing, as the lake encompasses the whole width of the valley. There are some boulder fields and some camps that can give access to the shore, but I found fine fishing at the outlet.

It has been 10 or more years since I have been up to Bear and Deer, but as I recall, the hike makes the lake even more isolated.