Blackfoot and Bitterroot rivers

I am going to Montana in a few weeks, and I was wondering if anyone here has experince on the Blackfoot. I usually fish at River Junction, but was wondering if anyone has fished the river below there. What fishing accesses should I try besides R.J.? I have always done well at there , but there are so many other possibilties along Highway 200, that I am not sure which ones to try, and my time is limited. I would love to fish some "new" water. Also, I am going to fish the Bitterroot above Hamliton. I have used the fishing access below Hamltion but never above. Where should I go? Thanks in advance. Mark
Mark, I highly recommend you visit with Bill Bean (owner) of the Fishaus Fly Shop in the center of Hamilton. In the past he has provided me with a map of the Bitterroot access points above Hamilton and I believe he still has them. He is a nice guy and will gladly give you up to date info on the river.
I recently moved from western Montana to Spokane, and I am familiar with most Montana Rivers. The western Montana rivers are still moving pretty good, but clarity is good and the river levels are dropping fast (at Bonner the river level dropped 200 cfs in the past 24 hours). The mid and upper sections of the Blackfoot are fishing great right now. Take Whitlock sculpins, giant golden stone/salmonfly dries and tandem nymph rigs. Also a good source for daily fishing reports is
Good Luck,
Hello there, I just returned from montana, 1st stop was hamilton where I met with bill! nice guy with a lot of info!! stop in and talk with him!! he will send you to the right place!! he did me!! :THUMBSUP