Spada Lake and Sultan River

I am a newby that lives in Snohomish. I've heard that the Sultan River and Spada Lake have potential. Can anyone give me suggestions?
Last I heard, Spada Lake was closed due to heightened security following 9/11. Anyone know if it's still closed? Upper Sultan (near Jackson Powerhouse) was closed too, and that is definitely still closed. Lower Sultan River gets a few steelhead passing through in both summer and winter, as well as some salmon in the fall, but if it's trout you're after, I'd look elsewhere. Good luck to you!

Old Man

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I might be old---but I'm good.

Last I heard is that the lake is open now. If you want to go trout fishing try the upper forks of the Skykomish. Lots of different water up there. And being that your in Snohomish you are closer than most people. You could also try Blackmans for trout. Jim S.

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
I checked on it a few weeks ago, and it was closed. Since that time, they have revampted their website so that I can't find the page that said it was closed, all references refer to it being open. This site is what now refers to the fishing oppurtunites:

I may have to go up there to check it out.

Well I went to Spada. The access at site #1 was closed but sites 2-4 were open. Slow fishing, but good to practice. I stopped at a creek on the way down and landed my first two trout on a fly line. Granted they were small (6") but at least I'm doing something right.