Redington spey rods on sale, any good?

Cabela's has the 12'6" 7/8 Redington spey rods on sale for $140.00. I've heard some say this is a great deal because these rods are actually made by Sage and I've heard some say they are mediocre at best. Does anyone have the real skinny on these? Thanks for your help.


Slow and Low
Reddington was bought by Sage so they could sell some cheaper rods. Do yourself a favor and buy the actual Cabellas Spey if you are looking for a good deal. That rod will do whatever you need to do.
I have the 14' Redington redfly and consider it a very good rod for tips or dry lines.
I also have the new Redington RS3 spey rod in 13'3" 7 wt. It appears to be a very good rod also, except for the cork quality, which isn't up to the redflys. I am trying different lines on it now, the 7/8 airflo delta seems best. It casts wet tips in its weight range.

Bob Triggs

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I have a better idea too:

Go to a real, local Fly Shop. Try out a few good quality Spey rods until you find one you really like. Then buy it from the Fly Shop. Yes; it will cost a little more than a catalog sale. (Most shops will work with you on lay-away etc.) It will also last a lot longer than a cheap rod. And you won't find yourself wishing you had bought a better rod after three months of struggle with a piece of crap!

Our local Fly Shops are here to serve. We have some of the best Spey Casting and Spey fishing experts in the world right here in the Pacific Northwest. Buying from the catalogs and the undercutting internet sales outfits, undermines the foundations of our fly fishing heritage here. It it werent for the people here who live to Spey cast, design rods and lines, have invented techniques and have taught the manufacturers everything they know about our Spey fishing needs here- we would still be in the dark ages of fly fishing with glass rods and lead core trolling lines.

I think that merits some respect and loyalty.
Bob, what you say is true. I support what you say. For me, the Redington was a chance to get involved in the two-handed world at an entry level price. I think there is some merit to that. After I tried some lines on the rod and found a match, I bought a reel and multi-tip line from my local shop ( Although I didn't spend the initial $150 at my local shop, I am sure my local fly shop will benefit from my further involvement in the two-handed world. Right now, I'm trying to figure out if my next two-hander will be a 6/7 or 7/8 greaseliner for summer steelhead, or if I want to go for scandinavian-style overhead rod for salmon fishing from the beach.

If you are in the Seattle/Bellevue area, the best thing I can recommend is to go to Aaron's day on the river. You can find the innovators that Bob mentions in his post in the flesh.
The local fly shops have lead me astray too many times. Nor do many have a large assortment of spey rods to handle or even let you try them. The person you generally talk to is a minimum wage stiff that doesn't know or care what you get.
True some like my old mentor Roy Patrick are different, but it is buyer beware in the shops I have been in in recent years.

You must have found the crappiest shop in Washington. I have visited many shop and have found great advice from experienced fly studs is almost the rule! Sounds like you may be shopping at Gart Sports. Spey rod selection? Washington is home to some of the best fly rod/spey rod manufactures this side of the ocean. These rods are not hard to find in almost any shop. I can guarantee one thing, if you click on any of the sites that you see flashing above you and you'll get great service. If you want the cheapest prices for low-end gear; you get what you pay for!

Apply this formula:

Ferrari Quality = Ferrari Service

Geo Quality = Geo Service
I second the opinion about going to see Aaron's spey group. I know I will buy from Aaron when I get good enough to figure out what rod is best for me. He and his gang have provided me a heck of a lot of great instruction. I believe the value of that far exceeds anything you could save on line. There is a unique community here for spey fishing and it should be fostered. I also believe he had Reddington rods to demo.

Joe Smolt