Swap 1st Timer's Swap?


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Atomic Dog - your in !!! welcome

IBN- sure ! bribe me with Skwala's ( usually a martini works better) , Ok your in welcome !!!

Watch for my PM to you both

1. Cmtundra -- frozen flys
2. Islander- these should be colorful
3. Grid Kid - checkerboard patterns?
4. CraigMTB - who knows? Craig flys?
5.Passman - I would guess mountainous flys
7.Sinktip - Lord only knows on this one
8.Tanner ( Sinktips son) - classics
9.Monique- ( Sinktips better half)
10. John James - Biblical flys
11. Romko - tubular kitchen gadget flys
12. Atomic Dog- tying "glowing flys"
13. ibn- tying skwalas ( or he better be)

Davy -- not even the lord knows

hey its 7 AM, J/K people :rofl: :rofl:

A Bakers dozen !!! seems like a good group :thumb:

Lady and Gentlemen -- start your bobbins !!

This Swap is "closed"

Any questions, feel free to message me anytime

For answers though consult Bob Triggs :rofl: :rofl:

Have fun, Davy :beer2:
Cmtuntra- Thanks for the vote of confidence on that one. I am not sure that I even have any tippet small enough to tie on one that small, or the patience to tie one.

Davy, The descriptions next to the names had me rolling. :D :clown:
Tanner is going to tie a bead headed woolly bugger.
Monique is going to tie an elk hair caddis.
Myself, I was thinking about a floss bodied, bearded streamer pattern, :hmmm: but decided that I will stick with the trout theme and try and tie a pheasant tail nymph.



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ST-, I couldn't resist that ,huh? :beer2:

Nice choices, tye the 22 if you want, judging from the pic I believe you would be just fine. :thumb:

Tell Monique she is welcome to send along all the extra elk hair caddis' she feels like ( will work for trout fly's) :rofl:

Have fun all -- 13 flys

I will be tying a few "bonus" flys for the selections ,such as they may be. :cool:

There are a couple of flies that I've been wanting to learn to tie. Maybe a Hare's ear nymph. I'll think on it over the weekend and let you know what I choose.

Oh, and since I work near the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, making the flies glow won't be a problem... :rofl:


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atomic dog said:
Oh, and since I work near the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, making the flies glow won't be a problem... :rofl:
uhhhhhhhhh... guys,......uhhhhhhh.... :eek: :eek: :eek: I think we need a new swapmeister for this one :rofl:

I hares ear flash nymph is one thing, but a steady green glow is another



Matt Smith

On the river Noyb
My "Mountainous" fly will be a Damsel fly nymph. I think it will be challenging but fun to figure this one out. I can't wait to see the checkerboard fly. :p
Is everybody done yet? I'd like my flies by the weekend please, if it's not too much trouble. -kidding of course. Haven't started yet. I might get some done Thurs, if not next week. Schedules way too tight this week...can't even fish this weekend. bawling:

Matt Smith

On the river Noyb
I caught the flu from my son so I will be staying home tomorrow. I think I will make good use of a sick day and start tying for the swap. Theese will be some quality flies, they might look a little screwed up because I will be all doped up on Nyquill. :beer1:


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PassMan said:
Theese will be some quality flies, they might look a little screwed up because I will be all doped up on Nyquill. :beer1:
These type of patterns are known as " chemically induced immaculantly concieved fly dressings" :thumb:

I am very familiar with these types and it will not be a problem.

Having fun yet?



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Hey everyone
sorry it took so long to reply. computers been wierd and I have swamped with stuff. If I/we can still be in, Arik my son would love to be in it and I may throw in a few bonus flies as I am unable to particapate as I am no longer a swap virgin.
thanx for the patience!
gridkid and dorkboy. (shad and Arik) :thumb:


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Shad- you are in :thumb: ( or Arik) you are on the list and should have recieved PM's from myself. 13 flies -Due April 10. :confused:

:ray1: I will resend you the PM with information.

Happy tying, :beer1:


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I wish I had seen this sooner. I could of sent out some woven flies. Hell,I'll whip out a dozen of them and give them to Davy and he can send them all out for youse people. I don't want any in return as I already have more than enough to play with for the rest of my life.

A green caddis should be just about right,or a tan one.. This is about the only fly that I can tie that looks half way good. All the dries that I have tied up look like they have something wrong with them. Wings to long,hackles too long or short. Bodies to lumpy. Nothing to give to anybody and get laughed out of here.

So how's about it.


Matt Smith

On the river Noyb
I've heard that old man type flies catch old man type fish! :rofl:
Great! can't wait to get mine I'm sure thay will be very fishable.

Happy Birthday Old Man :beer2: