Swap 1st Timer's Swap?

Old man said:
Well Davy,I thought that I had your address but I don't so when I get them done I'm gonna just have to go and fish them as I don't know where to send them to. :rofl: . Just what I need,14 more useless flies to add to my boxes. :rofl:

Jim, don't drown those flies yet. I just forwarded Davy's PM with his address on it. Check your PM's
Old man said:
Well Davy,I thought that I had your address but I don't so when I get them done I'm gonna just have to go and fish them as I don't know where to send them to. :rofl: . Just what I need,14 more useless flies to add to my boxes. :rofl:

Hey Davy, Are we suppose to tie 13 or 14? I have a few done but I've changed the pattern a bit (didn't have the right material) so I want to make sure they catch fish before doing them all. I'll head out to Lone on Monday and give them a test.


Davy Earl said:
Well ,well ,well... as someone once said in some picture show- "It looks like we have a predicament"

I received IBN's and CMTundra's fly in todays mail- man these are gonna fish good in So.America ! Those searun browns oughtta love these Skwalas !!!! J/K. :thumb:

Mail lady is not sure but she thinks since IBN's was on top then Tundra's would have been first .(She is blonde though so who knows ?) ( I had quite few packages today- stuff for my fly orders) . :confused:

That being said- I took IBN's out of the mailbox before Tundras , hmmmm :hmmm:

On top of that I had no sooner got in my garage with my arms full here comes Sinktip driving up with his and Moniques patterns. :hmmm: :beer1:

And I might add he he tried to bribe me with cheeseburgers but forgot the beer so he is out of the running. No beer, no consideration . :thumb: He had a couple of pretty darn neat kids with him though.... but that doesn't excuse showing up with no beer.

Thats when I really started thinking South America though......I mean, I now had 4 dozen flys.And since you all figured this was a backdoor ,shady ,no good operation I might as well go along with that thinking.....right ? :thumb:

Ok , I am not that low. ;) ;) ;)

Well, to be honest both IBN's and Tundras are a a tie for first since there is no time stamp on the postmark.

If you somehow have changed your opinions of me and now believe I am an honest joe I will have my wife flip a state quarter ( Iowa) - I need you two to decide which side of the quarter you want-- see???? Fair and balanced-- you decide!! :thumb: :rofl:

Let me know what you decide- I will report the results in a fair and timely matter-- LOL , soon as I get back from So. America.

I'll get some pictures posted soon of a few choice deliveries.

Heres what I did this morning, something I call "Easter Candy" still have to add wings and throats and sides and such but...

Wanted to make sure you all were'nt slaving away alone.

cheers to all

Whatevers clever with me, I'm in it to see other peoples flies and get some practice. A cointoss sounds fair to me, heads is what I usually choose :)



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Well , I am back now- not bad too :thumb: , 30 hours down and back to Northern California with 3 hours of fishing to boot ! :thumb:

Wife and fished the upper Sac yesterday for a few hours , we each caught about 10 fish apeice , all about 12 " give or take- with one she got going an honest 16" or so- she was fishing her drys- a #12 Royal Wulff, while I fished a #10 bugmeister, with a yellow John nymph dropper- 4 on the dropper.We fished the Sims road beat if you know it. :)

****************Breaking News***************

My wife has just flipped the quarter and reports that the coin came up heads. So ibn has won the coin toss until whatever judicial official Tundra pays off says otherwise. :cool:


Not to put any pressure on the rest of the team but so far, the early returnees have served up some "killer" flys. :beer1:

Really nice work by all, all 4 of you should be proud of your hard work. :thumb:


CMTundra qoute="Easter Candy" eh? Nice as always. What's the tail? Is the red & black one feather, or two separate?"

The red is dyed golden pheasant crest and the black feather is a flank feather from a Starling.There is also golden pheasant crest and yellow Senegal parrot in the tail.


13 flies is all you have to tye

But hey :ray1: - if you want to tye 14 I know the extra can be put to use ,LOL :thumb:

Due to me by April 10

Happy tying all and thanks for all your humor and for putting up with my madness.

these 4 are done and in;



Concession speech

Johnny Cochran & me talked...turns out he's a gear chucker & wasn't interested in a share of the take on Davy Earl's surprise & IBNs Skwalas, & since I sure don't have any cash to give him....suppose I'll have to concede on this one. Darned Iowa coins anyway. If it'd been an Ohio coin I'm sure things'd have been different. :confused:
So, Congrads IBN! :thumb:
Thanks for the extra incentive Davy & doing such a good job as the swapmeister.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Well mine are done, all 13 of em. The last one took twice as long as the first one to do. Something about getting them all done seems to work that way for me. Was gonna tie another set but my fingers quit. Will have em your way Davy Just as soon as I can get off my butt and on my feet.

If only the line at McDonalds moved just a little bit faster.....?? :(
I guess I should have known that the double cheeseburgers weren't enough to "sway" the all mighty swapmiester!
I have about 12 calls into the postmaster generals office in DC and they said that there seems to be some issues with the validity of the post marks on both IBN's and Cmtundra's packages!! :hmmm: Evidently, the "Blonde Factor" is to blame. :eek: The carrier failed to notice that any package that is not labled express is to be held for at least 48 hours before delivery and any packages received prior to that time frame are subjuct to immediate seizure. :eek:Therfore, the FBI will be arriving shortly to pickup both packages and impounding them until the 48 hour rule has been enforced!! It also seems that Ken Starr is going to come out of retirment to head up a Federal investigation into how those packages could have possibly beat me to Davy's house!! :p :p

Davy, Congrats on a successful trip to Calif. ptyd :beer2:. I think that all this drama about who got what where and by when seems a bit much for a chewed up dog toy prize. ;) The flies look great. I noticed my fly seems to be a little fuzzy. Man, I just can't get break can I. bawling:


BTW, Moe's flies were done before mine. She had me beat by a couple of days.
OK Guys, mine are finally done and in the mail as of yesterday afternoon. I was tying Carey Specials but ran out of peacock hearle. The book I got the pattern out of said chenille can be used as a substitute. I had this green/brown/flash stuff so I used that. I didn't want to send a batch of part chenille part hearle so I finally got some more hearle over the weekend and finished them up. So I sent one of each style and a pair for the "Swap Meister". My wife said the chenille I used looked like camoflage. So I named the variation the "Camo Carey". I thought it would be good to test them out (even though I had already sent them) so I went to Lone this afternoon for a couple of hours. I tied the Camo Carey on my sinktip and did a slow troll with some short strips. WAM, something takes it hard and goes straight down then brakes me off. Of course I only had one :beathead: I tied on the regular Carey and hooked up three more, one LDR and two to hand. Needless to say I will be tying some more Camo Carey's tonight. A big thanks to Davy for putting this together.


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Got em' all done. Now all that needs to be done is to make some nifty looking toe tags, box em' and mail em'. Oh yeah, and don't forget to dab a spot of head cement on em' too!


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I got Islanders Careys yesterday- :D

unfortunantly, I went fishing ---- ummmm,, he will have to tye some more for the swap==it seems they really do work and my leaders are rotten :ray1: -- Ok, Ok ,J/K

Nice work ! An often overlooked pattern these days.Also an under appreciated summer steelhead fly ( try ribbing the peacock with red foil or holografic tinsel-- Bon Apetite' to a Methow steelie! ). :thumb:

Update soon- back to sleep for me



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Romko said:
Got all mine done. Monday they're in the mail. ;)
And now - ptyd :beer2: party time
iagree :beer2: I'll drink to that ........ 'course I will drink to just about anytheeeng.

Look watch for them, great job

yours will make about half of them done!

I think Atomic Dog may be done too, but the Postal Service is holding his in the "containment room" -- somthing about "glowing" substances in his package. :thumb: