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Well well well, we have a new arrival today in the mailbox

Mr. Romko has sent in his " kill it,clean it,wash it,brine it, chop it ,broil it,eat it and polish your hardwood floors in one at the same time bitchin kitchen fishin machine" tyed on a small salmon double ! :thumb:

Oh, dang :eek: I was :confused: with that Ronko guy on the informercials.

In any case a nice box of Sparkly pretties has arrived and I am headed out the door to give em a test drive. :thumb: :thumb:

Actually, I am only going to get a cup of coffee. :(

He called them Salmon Doubles , one is pictured here ( all that is left)

He has done a fine job of tying these and we all should raise our :beer1: to him in a toast :beer2: and a job well done.

TL/ davy :cool:



I didn't expect this name for the fly :)

actually the fly has no name but a good record on catching fish (in tube variation) in last couple years.

You're welcome to suggest the name for the fly ;)


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Hi team,

Heres the "done" list as of this morning ( Tuesday March 29 )

With the due date of April 10th and rapidly approaching the team members left (5) to get done have about 8 days left to finish realistically speaking before mailing.

Mr. Tundra is one of those "scary" kind of guys- the kind you just don't ask a lot of questions of ........and he feels you all need to get going and finish. :eek: :eek:

As I said, don't ask questions. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I think I saw a documentary on one of those History channel programs about guys like him.

Just kiddin you know, but would the five of you please get " on " your butts and tye some flies?

Anyone need any help, consoling, marriage counseling?

1. Cmtundra -- IN :thumb:

2. Islander- IN :thumb:

3. Grid Kid - :(

4. CraigMTB - :(

5.Passman - :(

7.Sinktip - IN :thumb:

8.Tanner :(

9.Monique- IN :thumb:

10. John James - :(

11. Romko - IN :thumb:

12. Atomic Dog- IN :thumb:

13. ibn- IN :thumb:

Enjoy the wind and rain ( those that are done ) :thumb:

Davy :beer2:
Davy Earl said:
He has done a fine job of tying these and we all should raise our :beer1: to him in a toast :beer2: and a job well done.

TL/ davy :cool:
iagree Here, Here!! :beer2: ..... :beer1: ..... ptyd .... :)

Look forward to fishing mine...maybe in time for Springers, eh?
cmtundra said:
iagree Here, Here!! :beer2: ..... :beer1: ..... ptyd .... :)

Look forward to fishing mine...maybe in time for Springers, eh?
If you're talking about my flies... Probably. THey are not for the highest water condition, but just OK when it is going down before summer and during the fall. You can check it and as anybody else your reports on where and when it was effective are appreciated.
Just a little of a secret. Tubes with this pattern were used on Kenai silvers. They work just good.
Davy Earl said:
It's kinda strange how I went to California for a cpl days and strangely theres only 5 or 6 of Monique's Elk Hair Caddis' left in her basket-- :confused: :confused: :rofl:

Perhaps I should quit giving website suggestions to Sinktip. :hmmm: :hmmm:

Davy :beer2:
Moe said you could fish all the flies you wanted, just as long as everyone gets a Davy elk hair caddis on her toe tag. :D
However that was before she walked in on me in the middle of the Carrie Stevens search I was doing.

Let me expain this a little bit, I told Davy I was practicing a grey ghost pattern and he says :ray1: "do a goggle search under Carrie Stevens and you will find some great patterns" so I do. It so happens that there is also an adult film star with many movie listings that come up when you search the name. :eek: :eek: As luck would have it as I am looking at the "patterns" (ie movie listing) wifey walks in bawling: and says "Fly patterns huh?" This is followed by a couple of "No, really I am looking for patterns, DAVY SAID" comments and after some laughs she walks out saying "Oh Yeah, just blame it on Davy." :p :p It was actually quite comical, and not to worry Davy I did not really throw you under the bus.

All of the flies look great! Tanner should be finishing his up this weekend, so don"t send over the soprano's just yet.



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Swap central update; :ray1:

It is early morn on April 7, we still have three team members not in. :hmmm:

Due date is April 10(this Sunday)

I will begin to assimilate selections on the 11th. And hopefully get them mailed by Wednesday or Thursday but definetly by Friday/Saturday . Depends on how much Kool-Aid I have to aid my refreshment in the evenings.

Anyway, the point is ,those not in by the 10th are gonna lose out. I gotta get these mailed out and it's not fair to the others to wait any longer.

If some get here on the 12th or sumthin I reckon I'll just mail em back to sender.(If I have mailed out the selections--if not you will be "in")

I'm not sure how other swapmeisters have done things but this is how I see it. :confused: :hmmm:

If we have only 10, each team member will recieve a selection of 10 plus one of mine plus your extras back.I believe each team member did 13 or 14 awesome flies. :thumb:

:ray1: :ray1: ( If you only receive back 3 or 4 flys - it simply means I liked your flys and went fishin ) Instead of being furious :mad: and searching out my home with eggs,TP,or worse????????- you should feel honored that I chose your flys to fish with. :thumb: :thumb: :rofl: :eek:

Those not "in" know whom they are. No need to list them.

Anyway ,send any comments on the above in a PM if you wish. Be gentle, LOL :rofl:

I only hope I have served as a swapmeister to everyones satisfaction so far. :beer2:

Wait 'till you all hear the Tanner story. This time the dogs really did eat the homework..............

I finally got the chance to try out some of the hare's ear nymphs that I tied for the swap. I can vouch that despite not being particularly pretty, they will catch fish. At least they work on spiney rays. Last night right at dusk I was slaying the bluegill and crappie with my little creation. Almost every cast I was hooking up. Nothing too big, but a few that were large enough to take home had I been keeping them.

It's a pretty neat feeling, catching fish on your own creations. :beer2:

Can't wait to see everyone else's masterpieces!


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What do you use for a rod for the crappie and such? A two weight? I have always wanted to try fishin for them. Never have. Seems like a little 5 1/2' two weight or sumthin would be nice for them.

Davy, your decisions as on the swap all sound great to me. Can't wait to get mine!
Mmmm, Crappie. Used to catch the H outta' crappie back in OH. That was before my new life as a FFI (Fly Fisherman Impersonator) began.

I use the same rod that I use for everything else: My 9' 4wt. (I only have one rod, so it's gotta do for everything. :D )

This was my first panfish outing of the year, and the first ever with this rod. It's always surprising how hard even the little guys fight once they turn those slab bodies sideways and take off running on you. If I had money for another fly rod I would love to have a little 2 weight for 'gill fishing. I know a lot of folks use 0 and 1 weights for them as well. Over here, though, days with no wind are few and far between. Even a 2 weight might give me troubles on a windy day.
atomic dog said:
It's a pretty neat feeling, catching fish on your own creations. :beer2:
iagree It's really cool, especially trying different patterns and variations. Some don't work out but when one get's slammed it's a blast. :cool:


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Friday, April 08

rik got his in and man are they nice!! Think I'll go up to Wal-Martee' and buy a dzn similar and send those to you all..

I will fish with his !! :thumb:

Ok heres what we have with one mail day remaining;

1. Cmtundra -- IN ( but missing)

2. Islander- IN

3. Grid Kid - IN

4. CraigMTB - IN

5.Passman - IN !!!

7.Sinktip - IN

8.Tanner - IN ( one way or another ) trust me -he can really claim the dogs ate them ,LMAO New ones -IN

9.Monique- IN

10. John James -

11. Romko - IN

12. Atomic Dog- IN

13. ibn- IN

14. Hedburner - IN

Well, gotta run, thats the update

Davy Earl said:
Wait 'till you all hear the Tanner story. This time the dogs really did eat the homework..............

This could be a long story so I will try and give the short version.

Tanner finished his flies and was so excited that he wanted to get them to Davy right away. :D :D He talked about how he hopes guys will catch fish with what he had made and that they will fish with them. :thumb: :thumb: I swing by Davy's and he's not home so I just drop them at the front door half under the mat and head back to work. :hmmm: Davy calls me up later and when I asked, "So how did you like the flies Tanner tied up." I got "Ah, What flies?" He checks the porch and "NOTHING". He checks the lawn and, one shredded bag with zero flies. :beathead: :eek: bawling: At this point I am thinking, OH @#*# the dogs. I was still close by his place so I haul ass over there to see if I can help find any lost flies in the grass, as I drive up I see Davy, Davy's neighbor, and Davy's neighbor's wife all hunched over seaching for flies. We do what we can to find olive green buggers in the yard until dark. I am worried about the dogs and telling Tanner about what happened to his flies, he worked hard to make them and he was so happy to be done. :confused: Davy offers to tie some up for him if I wanted him to. The next day I told Tanner what had happened and about Davy's offer, his comments were "Your kidding right?" followed by " Well, I guess I had better get started on some more, how many days do I have left?" :thumb: :) Davy busted out some buggers before I could tell him not to worry about it though. :hmmm:
Tanners second batch of flies are done and sitting in an Altiod bin and heading over to Davy's today. :beer2: :p

Davy, any of our extra flies that don't go out in the swap you can have or better yet just give the surplus to Old Man.