NFR: Dahl Sheep are Really COol TR


Proud to Be Alaskan
Couldn't resist posting this today was insane

We decided to go skiing after school at lunch, the weather was perfect and there was new ultra light in the mountains. After school a mad dash was on to gather gear and get to the trail head. We had a solid crew of 5 skiers and only one with very little BC skiing experiance, he was kinda a gaper when it came to rigging skis and such but whatever, I was a gaper like that once too. :rolleyes: We hiked strait up to the top of mile high and looked out over the valley
the crew

Eagle Mt. is the pointy one

Vista, to be skied by me soon

Mt. GOrdon lyon is the pointy one (also on the to ski list), then next to it lookers left is Rendeavous Peak, the top of Alpenglow

We decided to keep going up teh ridge heres us at the top

We kept going and ran into some sheep


Proud to Be Alaskan
this line is one I've wanted for a long time, some idiot skiing solo beat me too it,

more sheep, we got within bow range it was pretty sick, when those guys want to they can haul serious butt, its insane

Skiing pictures



Christian the swiss kid

and the day ended with a sunset

wow 2 years ago today I was flyfishing and there was very little snow anywhere. What a great day :beer2:

Picture Comments gratefully accepted


Being interested in fly fishing by no means excludes us from appreciating many of the other outdoor pursuits done in beautiful and remote fact, isn't what ALL this is about?

I noticed at least one of you had tele boards...I'm one of those guys, and I would have given anything to be at the top with y'all. Thanks for the virtual vacation, powder monkey! :thumb:
Sweet pics my man! :thumb: I've skied Alpenglow many a time. I don't know about the "line" you wanna ski...ya' must have a bigger pair than I do. The chute on the left maybe isn't so bad. Looks like avalanche city to me.