Wee doubles

Great looking flies Dave. Am thinking of tying up some tiny doubles for Cowlitz summer steelhead. What doubles fish the best? The Partidge wilson's or the Partridge N's.

Dave McNeese

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I like the light wire wilson only because of the person that makes them all. They are made straight most always and have a smaller head. The N's are not very even as the barbs are uneven and need to be straightened by pliers. I hope to find a photo of hundereds of old english doubles tied in the 1880's, as I'll post it for all to see. You could not believe the skill it took to tie a size 14 or 16 full dressed salmon double. 10's, and 12's were very common for summer fish in England.
My first experience with doubles was on the Rogue in the early 60's with 12's, and 14's, then I used them on the Deschutes because my singles turned on their sides often in fast water.
Dave, I noticed you were admiring the idea of small eyes on the lt. wire Wilsons. Will this feature translate to your own hooks when they come out?
I have attached a #14 Jock Scott I got on Ebay a number of years ago. Pretty impressive when you actually see it up close. Somone was pretty skilled!
This is a collection of doubles and trebles tied by a long dead pal in Ireland. I think the hooks may be Drennans and the smallest double is a size 14. We are only allowed to fish singles (pity) in BC, otherwise I wouldn't still have them.


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ain't this stuff grand? I just love all of it. thanks for showing all these flys guys.

How would one go about " adopting" say a RedWing Jr. Dave? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have a cpl arm bones left some fairly decent teeth maybe a rib or two.........

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