Weeds on Lake Lenore

Noticed that the north end of Lake Lenore had a lot of weeds this year already. Wonder what it is going to look like in a month? When the wind died down, the weeds all came up and formed big mats on the water making fishing a little interesting. Can't remember the last time I actually was hoping for an occassional breeze to blow over there....


Mark Steudel
Do they die out again later in the summer? When I was there late last summer I didn't have any problems or see tons of weeds?


Be the guide...
I've only been to lenore 2 times. The first time was several years ago during or near the bad fish kill that happened due to high water temps. I didn't now any better and just took my wife out to canoe and do a little fishing. The water was very green and clouded and weeds floating made fishing hard. We canoed arond the big island.

Last week I did the same loop around the big island. Water visibilty was better than my last trip, but the weeds we just as bad if not worse. Trolling was useless.

Guess i need to explore other parts of the lake. Just prefer to stay away from the crowds, even if the majority of fish are stuffed in those spots...