Feather inlays

Rich McCauley

Meiser & Mohlin
East Fork,
Check out what Bob Meiser has to say on rodbuilding.org:
3 w's.rodbuilding.org/read.php?2,49956,50019#msg-50019
Lots of great info on the site.

Rich McCauley

Meiser & Mohlin
Gald to help. I am also considering it on a Spey rod I am currently building. I have NO experience with this aspect of rod building, but that has never stopped me before. Hope yours tuns out. maybe post a pic ??

Scott Behn

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I personally think feather inlays set the rod off beautifully...I just got back from the shop and was putting a feather inlay in my 7wt that I'm building for myself for the Coastal Cutties in the salt. I even named it "The Coastal Cuttie".

As for technique there isn't a whole lot of complication to it. I usually start my inlays with a dyed guinea feather of some sort of color and then put some smaller feathers towards the base of the guinea branching off of the guinea stem. Just make sure that you don't "stack" anything on top of the stem, for it will give you a high point that takes several coats of epoxy to level off.

I use color sealer to lay the feathers down on the blank. This way it makes the feathers wet and very workable on the round blank. (just brush it on with a soft brush) Give a day to dry and whammo you'll be ready for epoxy.

If you have any more questions pm me.


P.S. If you look in my gallery my brother in law's rod that I built is in there with a shot of his feather inlay. He loves it!!!