Pattern Yakima Chinook Smolt


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This is a streamer that has been very successful for my wife and I once the Chinook smolt start dumping on the Yakima (around the first of April).

Body- flat silver ribbed with gold oval
Wing- 2 grizley saddles within 2 cree or ginger saddles, topped by peacock herl and peacock sword.
Sides- hen grizzley
eyes- JC

I kicked the grizley saddles up for the picture so they could be seen readily. :thumb:

I fish this in the slower back eddies using the outer current seam to belly my line and "pull" the fly out of the back eddy. Hold on tight :thumb: :thumb:



Jeremy Husby

Is there a Vahalla for fishermen?
Great streamer Davy, Feather winged streamers work so well, it's hard to believe so many people leave them out of their fly boxes.