Lenice & Lenore Weekend Report

Fished Lenice Friday & Saturday morning. I hooked 9, landed 5 RBs, 1 Brown, 1 Tiger on Friday. The fish ranged from 18" to 21". Saturday morning was Brown trout time! I landed 2 in the first hour. One was 18", one was 23". They both were some broad shouldered fellows who had not yet become accustomed to being landed. :thumb: I finished the morning with two nice RBs around 16" and 19". All but one fish was caught on black chironomid patterns. He was the big brown and asked to keep that fly a secret. :confused:

Off to Lenore and Lahontons. The lake did not disappoint. We fished for 3 hours (4 to 7 PM). My partner landed 13 and I landed 3. This is, by the way, something I have grown very accustomed to happening. The fish were hitting stripped leaches and BIG black chironomids.

I have attached fish porn for your enjoyment! :p


That's my friend Corey with the leach pattern. He didn't use it that day and it was the first time he tied it. An experimental fly at this point.

I'll tell you if he has any success.....
Thick crowds if you plan on fishing the North End. I was there for a few hours opening weekend and stayed clear of that north end mess. Still fun to watch :eek: Good luck if you go :thumb:
Did you do well on the other parts of the lake, southend or elsewhere? Big lake not sure where to look if I'm not at the north end but would surely like to avoid it.

I went to try to fish Lenice last night, and WOW they take their wind seriously over there! That's a bit (by a lot) more that this west side guy is used to fishing in. I guess timing is everything.