Pattern San Juan Sinktip


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Hook ; #12 Dai-Riki 270
Gold bead or Tungsten bead 1/8"

Body ; Red Berlin Wool
collar; ultraviolet ICE dubbing
Jungle fowl wings/eyes

Tye front wool in and tye off , slide bead up and over, restart thread and tye-in 1" wool peice. Tye in another peice of wool and wrap back to hook bend bring remaining strand of wool over top and tye off at rear of hook. Place and tye-in your JC wings and dub a small collar of dubbing behind bead.

I use a small amout of flexcement on the overhanging wool to aid durability/anti-fraying.

Not sure on the JC, but the normal fly is a killer on the Yak fished along with a ZugBug or Micro Mayfly nymph.The neat part is you don't have to watch for "subtle takes" on your indicator- usually it is a violent "gulp" on the San Juan

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